HUGE catch all!

November 3, 2011

For the sake of not posting 10,000 separate posts today (me, exaggerate?  no way...) I'm going to make one huge mish mash of, get ready!

Project 52 - 14
-The tiny picture is at FBC's Fall Festival.  My mom and step dad took Georgia because I was in a wedding that night.  I was so sad to miss it.  And, we took her to Mud Pie and made her footprint into a ghost.  I was going to use her hand but it's really hard to get the hand print of a 5 month old!-

November Thankfulness
Day 3
Today, I am thankful the weather.  The high today is 67 and the low tonight is 38.  Hello fall.  FINALLY!

Quick recap of everything else you've missed!

-Medical update
I had to have blood work done the other day at the endocrinologist because of my hypothyroidism.  My doctor explained that for a year after you have a baby that your thyroid levels can fluctuate from normal to hypo to hyper over and over again.  She listened to all my symptoms (low milk production, extreme weight loss, on and on and on) while looking at all of my charts and said that my levels we most likely going all over the place.  So, anyway I go to get my blood drawn and it was coming out really slowly because I apparently had not been drinking enough water.  They send me home, tell me to drink a lot of water, and come in again in the next few days.  So, I did just that.  I made Jonathan come with me because of my history of passing out when I give more than two vials of blood.  And what do I do...oh, I pass out.  It was actually Jonathan's first time to be with me when this has's usually my mom.  Blah!  So embarrassing!  I didn't know this but, the nurse explained to me that if you have familiar voices around you when you pass out that you come to much quicker.  That explains why when I passed out this time I could hear Jonathan's voice the entire time and I heard Georgia cry when the nurses were tyring to play with her and keep her occupied but I never heard the 5 or 6 nurses and the 2 doctors who were rushed over to help...isn't that strange how your brain works?

-Sunday School
Jonathan and I were asked to teach the 3 year old sunday school class at our church.  Well actually, I was asked but Jonathan volunteered to be my "co-teacher" so that we can occasionally switch off and go to our adult sunday school class.  We're really excited about this and to now be involved directly with our church.  We start on the 13th I think...

-Pink eye
Yes.  You read that right.  Last week I had pink eye.  EWW!  You can get it from practically any bacteria or virus getting into your eye.  My dr. said I most likely got it at work from a student who had pink eye because it is crazy contagious.  It didn't hurt or feel bad at all.  It was actually nice because they sent me home from work, Jonathan came home early AND took the next day off because I pretty much wasn't allowed to touch Georgia for two days and I had to wash and sanitize EVERYTHING in the house I had touched...but Jonathan was home.  I love it when he's home :)

My loves Jaclyn and Ashley came to Houston on Thursday and stayed until Sunday for our friends wedding.  We had a ton of fun.  I was so glad I was able to see them for a few days!

My college roommate Megan got married on Saturday.  We had a great time at the wedding.  Jaclyn, Ashley, and I were the house party.  We totally rocked it :)

All my child can think of these days is crawling.  Pretty much since the day she turned 5 months she has been trying to crawl.  I'm excited that she is ahead of the game and developing usually a month or so ahead of schedule but I am NOT ready for a crawler!  At 4.5 months she was pulling up on furniture from sitting to standing and now this!  I'm not sad because she is "growing up too fast", I'm dreading it because she is about to turn my house UPSIDE DOWN in the coming weeks and I'm not ready!  My mom said that at 7 months I was climbing out of my crib (they tied a sheet to the top to keep me in!)  She just laughs and tells me I'm raising myself.  Ugh...I hope not!

To let Gigi (Jonathan's new nickname for Georgia) practice her fine motor skills we gave her some puffs.  It was really funny and she did pretty well with them.  She wanted them in her mouth but when they got there (after no less than 100 tries per puff) she had no idea what to do with them.  I love that funny face!

-Pumpkin Baby
Everyone and their mom pinned the pumpkin picture on Pinterest and I was no different.  I loved how the pictures came out though...hysterical!


Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

I had pink eye a couple weeks ago! So strange! And I also pass out when i have blood drawn!

G's pictures in the pumpkin are soo cute! I've had several friends do similar pictures, but yours turned out the best. (Most had pictures of a screaming baby in a pumpkin... Funny, but not quite as cute as G's silly faces!)

Jennifer Garner said...

Georgia's pictures are sooo cute!

Natalie said...

Every time i've ever passed out (which has been a lot!) i have always had a dream while I'm out. I don't remember ever having heard the voices around me though! Strange!
Those pumpkin pics are too cute! I really wanted to do it with Callyn but I think she's too small-maybe next year!

Lyndsey said...

OK, since your post was long, my comment will be long :)

We never got a pumpkin big enough to try that with Liam, but I have seen them around and it's super cute!

I can't believe you were climbing out of your crib at 7 months...if Liam were doing that right now I would have a fit! No thank you!

G's ghost footprint is cute! I made one of Liam's on a canvas...I just never got around to finishing it. Maybe next year I'll have it ready to display :)

I really like the photo booth pictures - was it an actual booth or just a backdrop? I maybe want to do one at Liam's birthday but am not sure how. Rent one or set up a tripod and a backdrop? The second would definitely be cheaper!

And lastly - we are coming to Waco for homecoming! We're just driving down for the day, but we should meet up! Are y'all going to be at the parade? That might be the best opportunity.

Olivia said...

love the pumpkin baby :)

Rachel and John said...

Look at G almost crawling! Henry can't figure it out.He pushes his butt up so high and then ends up rolling over. So then he'll roll back and try it again.

Tami said...

That is so scary that you passed out again! I've only passed out once and that was enough for me! Georgia definitely looks like she is about to crawl. I think Emerson is getting close to and I, like you, am NOT ready at all. I like that I know she will be in the same place I put her if I leave her alone for a second. I have a feeling life will change dramatically when they become crawlers!

Caitlyn said...

Oh my! I have hypo too! Well it changes as it pleases, from hypo to hyper! It is so frustrating... I feel tired all the time and sometime weak when I stand up or just wake up. I would just wish I could be left alone!

Cecilly said...

I had pink eye in college in both eyes! I was miserable. They were sore, swollen and gross, my eyes!

I love that G is you! Very strong willed women, nothing wrong with that you're great :)

We are planning to do the curtains, just have to cut and dye the fabric!! I'm soo slow.

I love the pic after G eats the pumpkin haha. And you ladies looked great for the wedding. Have fun at homecoming. We really need to plan to go on my end. bummer.

cait said...

oh the pumpkin baby pics are adorable!! she is so full of spunk--I love it! glad you had some great time with friends...I'm sure it was much-needed!

Amber said...

OMG... her pumpkin pic is amazing!!!!
Hope you are having a great weekend :)

Real Life Reslers said...

I am in LOVE with the pumpkin pictures!

Megan said...

Love the photo booth pics! Also, love that last picture of Georgia in the pumpkin, adorable! Don't be surprised if I "pin" it.


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