November 7, 2011

Still in recovery from a weekend out of town for Baylor's Homecoming.  I'm not sure I'll ever get unpacked.

On a FUN note though, Georgia finally got to meet Liam.  (Lyndsey's precious little baby boy from It's A Love Story).  Can't you tell how excited they are to see each other?  Liam is looking at the ground and I'm pretty sure Georgia is staring Will down (Liam's dad).

Obviously you can't tell in this picture but G has on a super cute Baylor dress...holding a nearly 20 lbs baby is daunting sometimes.

Maybe I'll get around to posting more about this weekend later...maybe I won't.  Right now I'm battling a baby who doesn't understand daylight savings time and frankly, neither do I.



Allison said...

Georgia is seriously too cute for words!

Lyndsey said...

I think next time y'all should nix the camping, lol! :) I loved G's dress! I wish your SIL made boy clothes.

cait said...

ah... good luck with the time change!

LOVE G's outfit!

Kae* said...

cute pics :)

Mallorie said...

I am SOOO looking forward to my first homecoming with my little girl!!!! This year we obviously couldn't go ;-) But I'm hoping that we will make it out to Texas next year!!! Love her outfit!!!


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