Thankful Catch Up

November 8, 2011

Since I was gone over the weekend I didn't get to keep up with my full month of THANKFULNESS!

Day 4 -  That Georgia gets to grow up so closely with her sweet cousins.  I love that they get to spend so much time together!

Day 5 -  That my mom and step dad paid for me to go to a wonderful school - Baylor University.  The only school I even applied to.  I just loved the time I spent there and am so thankful for never having to feel the stress of paying for my own tuition, groceries, or gas.

Day 6 -  My baby girl who was so sweet the entire time we were out of town and was just so laid back.  It was really nice.

Day 7 -  Jonathan and I got our flu shots for free at his school.  It was nice to not have to pay this year!

Day 8 -  FOOTBALL SEASON IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, now I'm all caught up.  Well, caught up in the sense of this blog post but not at all caught up from our weekend away from home.  We'll get there...I hope.


cait said...

so glad Georgia was laid-back for you over the weekend! She must know how much her mommy and daddy like to travel and plans to adore it as well! ;)

I hear yah on the college parents paid for mine too (and all the other little things like gas and groceries like you mentioned) and I am so blessed to not have had to have the debt coming out of school. A true blessing we plan to pass on to our kiddos!

Paige said...

We are traveling for the first time with our baby girl this weekend. I'm nervous, bet she'll be fine and love it!

BeckyJo606 said...

Did you have any side effects with your flu shot? I haven't gotten one in a few years, but I'm in and out of so many schools this year I feel like I should get one. I usually feel kind of crummy for a day or two afterwards. Did you feel like that?


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