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December 14, 2011

Welcome to my Christmas Tour.

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Getting up the Christmas decor this year was for sure say the least.  Georgia crawls now so someone has to be watching her always since her crawling leads to pulling up on things and that often leads to falling.

Last year, Jonathan did almost all the decor while my pregnant self dictated from the sofa so this year I was more than happy to take part again!  Although, there was so much more I wish I could have done but Georgia is and will always be my excuse for not getting things done or taking better quality pictures of the things I did get done.  Christmas really just snuck up on me this year!

Without further ado:  Our Christmas Decor!

Let's start outside!

The porch is underwhelming...get over it : /

Then, the foyer.  I should have taken close ups but I only have so much time to snap pictures with a nearly 7 month old crawling around my feet.

off of the foyer is the guest bedroom with our travel tree

Our little man from Spain.  Love him!

then, there is Georgia's precious little pink tree

the kitchen is very non-festive : /  So, let's just skip that area.

The dining table is just lovely in my opinion

Here is the whole dining room

Next up is the mantle and the tree!  Again, I didn't have the time to take close ups.  Maybe if I had three hands instead of only two.  I need an extra to wrangle Georgia with!

A few of my favorite ornaments

Last but not least, Georgia's Nativity!  P.S.  If you see a "Little People" Mary please return her.  She has been M.I.A. for two days now and it's hard to explain where Jesus came from with no Mary.

Thanks for stopping by and merry Christmas!

*Stay tuned for my FIRST GIVEAWAY next week!*


Pamela said...

Love your front door!! It's so pretty! The wings above your mantle, over the mirror, are soo cute!! Where did you get them!? Your fireplace are is gorgeous!

Brittany said...

I love that "My grace is sufficient" sign! Your house is super cute.

Also, that's hilarious about Mary. I think I need one of those sets for my boyfriend's daughter.

Kristine said...

Your holiday decor is so dang cute! It makes everything seem so cozy :) ♥

Rachel and John said...

I don't think your porch is underwhelming. I think it's beautiful, just like all your decorations!

Ashley said...

Beautifully done Emily! I love Georgia's pink precious! And your dining room looks amazing, love love love!

Sunni said...

You have a beautiful home!

It's A Love Story said...

I love the little trees!

Mom of the Twinkies and Tot! said...

Pretty decorations! My kids have the Little People nativity, too...they love it!

Anonymous said...

Lovely decorations. Your daughter is so sweet, what a cute headband!

Amanda said...

Cute decorations! & your house in general is gorgeous!

Summer said...

love the front door and the wreath and garland! You're little girl is precious and the banner is so so pretty! Love all the decor! You're home is gorgeous!

Amanda @ Our Oklahoma Nest said...

Everything looks pretty!

cait said...

I think you did pretty fabulous, Mom! Things look great! Love G's pink tree and her nativity! I just told Justin the other day when I saw it in Target that it's one of our must-haves for next Christmas! Hope Mary returns...Christmas is coming soon! ;)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Your home looks beautiful! I love the scrabble ornament, how adorable! :)


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