December 16, 2011

Our Little G has been loving food for quite some time.  I didn't think 4 months was a light switch and BOOM, suddenly Georgia would be ready for rice cereal and I thought the same thing about food at 6 months.  I followed Georgia's lead and tried a few things here and there to see when she was ready.

We started cereal at 3.5 months.  My intention was to have her 100% knowing how to use a spoon by 4 months and it worked.  By 4 months she was downing her cereal like nobodies business.  I was worried she would take less formula once she was started on solids but that wasn't the case.  She added solids in addition to her cereal which was really nice and another clue to me that she was ready.

Around 4 months I started experimenting with bananas and avocados and she really enjoyed both.  I would mash a bit up and put it in her cereal or put slices in her food teether.  Her first bite of banana she just smiled and smiled.

Now, we're to the point where we just let her taste most stuff we're eating because if we're eating she MUST eat too.  Most milestones Georgia has hit early...really early.  So, why would/should food be any different for her?

I make most of her food and mostly use organic when I can.  I bake or steam the food and then toss it in the blender (add water when needed).  When I bake the items I put them on foil first making clean up pretty much zero which is nice.  I prefer to use the blender because I can make large batches about once a month

Here is a break down:

Prepare - Peel and/or cut

Bake - Most things bake around 350-400 for 35-40 minutes. 

Blend - I use the "Crush" setting then once the big chunks are out I use the "Baby Food" setting.  I add water to get the consistency I'm looking for.  Once I'm done I just rinse the blender and it's ready for the next batch.

Freeze - I have 2oz containers and I have 1oz ice cube trays

Store - If they are in the trays I pop them out and put them in freezer bags so that I can keep making more food with the trays.

She is not picky at all and will eat anything I make her.  We still use store bought baby food but only when we go out of town since her food needs to remain frozen.  To date I've made her:  apple and pear with a tiny bit of cinnamon and sugar, sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, avocado with banana and mango, honey dew melon with blueberry, peas, green beans, and sweet potatoes mixed with apple.  (I think that covers it all.)

So far the only thing she will not eat is store bought baby food bananas.  I guess it tastes too different from the fresh ones I give her?  I'm not sure since I don't eat bananas myself.

Now we have moved onto finger foods because she loves to feed herself.  Anything that is bite sized she is down for it.  Banana or avocado bits, puffs, mum mums, any of the Gerber foods labeled "crawler", broccoli, strawberries, and anything on me or Jonathan's plate that she can eat.

This is the first time I let her feed herself.  Obviously I forgot her bib.


Allyson said...

I love the shirt!! She is precious. We should swap baby food. I make all of mine as well. I am going to start meat this month...kind of grosses me out!

Brittany said...

That picture just cracked me up!!

Melanie said...

Looks like an explosion on her shirt..LOL! Makayla loves her food too..only thing she's not been crazy about is anything 'meat' in the baby chicken, turkey, etc. Can't blame her tasted nasty!! When you do chicken for do you prepare that? Blender?

cait said...

oh my goodness!! how fun! LOVE that you let her go to town on her own and try anything she can safely that you all are eating--totally will be my philosophy, too! You need to save that onesie after you wash--stains left over and all. ;)


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