Georgia - Seven Months

December 17, 2011

{Georgia's 6 month stats: 28in - 96th% 19lbs - 90th%    My chunker has actually lost weight because of crawling. Now she is only in the 90th%...haha!}

So, Little Girl

You are seven months old today.

Here is a peek into your life this month.

New Tricks:
Pulling up
standing occasionally on your own for a few seconds
Walking behind your push elephant

Sizes:  Anything from 6-9 or 6-12 or 9-12.  Diapers - size 3

4 8oz bottles.  3 meals.  I just did a full post on your food yesterday.

You are now at 12 hours on average.  Bedtime can be anywhere from 7:30 - 8:30.  Just depends on what we've done that day.  Sometime you even sleep over 12 hours!

You take 2 naps a day.  Early afternoon and late afternoon.  You're having a hard time right now deciding if you actually liked being rocked or not.  I think you may be tyring to change your nap schedule...I'm not sure.

Your language skills have exploded this month!  You say "dada", "mama", "hi" or "hey", you make a "G" type sound when you see Perry and you are making "B" type sounds that we interpret as "bye bye" or "baby" and you've made a lot of sounds that cover nearly the entire alphabet.  When you say your "words" you have no idea what your don't associate any meaning with them at all.  On 12.11.11 is when this language explosion happened...literally overnight.

when dad comes home from work
walking behind your elephant
riding in the grocery cart

not getting what you want
when I hide your elephant

I love you so much Georgia!  You are a joy!

(Click HERE to see Georgia's growth over the past 7 months!)


cait said...

LOVE all her outfits!! that picture of her "standing" in the chair cracks me up--It's like she's saying "Oh are about to be in a lot of trouble! I'm ready to walk!"

Kristin said...

love the one of her standing in the chair. she looks like she is trying to surf! so adorable!

Mallorie said...

So reading all of your posts about Georgia lately have made me REALLY excited for Emma Claire to be a little older. I'm not going to lie, I want her to stay tiny forever but I'm also looking forward to her growing up a little nad having more "fun" with her!!!! Love the Christmas PJ's!!! They're one of my favorites!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

What a precious, precious little girl and it's obvious the joy that she has brought into your lives. What a special Christmas this will be. Blessings!

Kelli said...

What a fun post! And I'm digging the new look, too.

I cannot believe that picture of her surfing in the chair. I went back up to it like three times. Crazy!

Happy seven months, sweet Georgia!

Paige said...

So sweet! My baby girl turns 7 months next is so fun!

Tami said...

Holy moly she is FAST! I can't believe how well she can crawl and walk behind her little walker. (Where did you get that, btw?) Emerson is just doing the low crawl and it's hard to keep her out of stuff- I can't imagine what I'll do when she's all over the place like G! She's a doll and I love the pic of her standing in the chair. She kind of looks like she's surfing! :) Happy 7 Months Georgia!

Olivia said...

love the picture of her standing on the chair. so so cute:)


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