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January 4, 2012

12 Random Things for 2012

Random stuff
I want my next kitchen accent color to be apple green
I already have Georgia's birthday gifts picked out
G is on the up and up.  She is starting to eat more!
I want to move.  Like, really bad!
I'm currently working on my 2012 goals list
I'm a sucker for yummy smelling bath products
I really need to drink more water
I think I got G sick and now I think she got me re-sick
We cancelled our cable and love it
We now stream Netflix
I want to sew a "pouf" ottoman
I want to start planning our summer vacation

Things I do every. single. day.
follow Georgie behind her push elephant
brush my teeth at least 4 times
eat my meals too late
read blogs
log onto Facebook
text my parents
text Jonathan
talk to my sister in law (usually)
waste time on Pinterest
read my Bible
watch TV with the hubs

Most recent purchases I've made
Pink maxi skirt
striped dress (tan/black)
black dress
jeans #1
jeans #2
black maxi dress
Pottery Barn clearance rug
Pottery Barn Sophie doll
dress pants
black shirt

Future vacation destinations
Tex-Mex cruise
Italy (Venice and Florence)

Currently in my living room
empty toy basket #1
empty toy basket #2
play table
crawling baby
lazy dog
dying laptop
homemade bean bag
Melissa and Doug wooden toy

If you came to my house the TV would most likely be on
The Office
Walking Dead
Private Practice
Grey's Anatomy
Work of Art
Any forensic show or any documentary

Some of my favorite foods
sweet potato fries

Things I accomplished over Christmas break
Ordering prints for the past 4 months of G's life
Starting our 4th year of marriage photo book
Ordering the PDF file of my 3rd year blogging book
Somewhat organizing all of our Christmas gifts to fit in our home
Getting started in Elements and adding a few actions

Music I CANNOT stop listening to
Florence + The Machine (Howl, Only if for a Night, and Spectrum)
Amos Lee
Fleetwood Mac
The Office theme song (we play it a lot to watch G dance.  See HERE!)

People who blog that I would want to be friends with in real life
Things I can reach from where I am sitting
Sunny D in a yard gnome glass
stack of bills

A picture that I love


Natalie said...

this is fun :)
we LOVE netflix streaming...so much better than cable!

Paige said...

You cancelled cable...? You go girl! I'm so envious of you! I want to do this. My computer is broken right now and I am so ok with it for a little bit! I have a lazy dog too! Excpet he is hanging around the guest room, not the LR. Happy 2012!

Lyndsey said...

We are friends, silly! :)

I watched my first episode of Parenthood today and thought of you - didn't you mention you like that show? It was a random one on DVR so I had no idea what was going on, but it was good! I should probably start from the beginning though.

I might have to do this!

BeckyJo606 said...

I really want to cancel our cable because I can watch all of my shows online! However, my husband is so obsessed with BBC that I don't know if we ever could. Have a great Wednesday!

Melissa @ A Dozen Years Later said...

I think I may do this on my blog.

I REALLY want to cancel our cable... it just isn't worth the money.

Mallorie said...

Okay, love this! And I wish I was still in Texas so we could meet up and become "real" friends! ha! :-) Maybe at Baylor homecoming one year!!! I may be stealing this idea, so fun! And G is adorable as always, LOVE the blues/purples on her! So pretty! And PS I'm pretty sure cutting out dairy has been the BEST decision I've made as a new Mommy...when I'm positive it's worked I'm going to write a post! She's like a different baby now!

Cecilly said...

I love "howl" so good. i listen to it on repeat in the car :)

I wanna see you guys.

Makay said...

Wonderful list!
And may I just say- that picture is absolutely adorable!

kristennw712 said...

Love the post!! I might have to do this!!!

Crystal said...

pdf blog book? say what!? please share with new bloggers like me! :)

Courtney Eads said...

If you figure our how to sew a pouf, girl you're going to have to post a tutorial! Great list!! Love Georgia's bow ;)

lilmoomoo said...

I really liked reading this!!
I wish I could just cancel the cable. I know I would get sooo much more done..
but I would probably need to cancel the internet too..
since that seems to be taking more of my time these days!!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my bloggy!
Had to come over and check out yours!

New Follower for sure!! :)


cait said...

First off...would love to be real friends too!! :)

Love this list...what a fun idea! Maybe I'll get around to doing my own here soon. I just ordered prints for Adeline's 1st month and it was outrageous even with a great deal...so.many.pictures!

Saw Boston on your trip list...have you been there before? We went the summer we got engaged with my family and I LOVED it. We went to New York that trip too and I actually enjoyed Boston a lot more. Definitely plan that one soon! :)

Bren said...

You have a blog award from me!


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