Our Easter

April 9, 2012

We had THE best Easter at our house despite G's stomach bug, my stomach bug, her lack of eating, and massive teething.  As long as we kept her busy she was just as happy as can be.

I knew we would be in a mad dash to get out the door on Sunday so I staged a photo shoot of sorts for Georgia on Saturday before we headed off to the Easter bunny so that I could get some pictures of her in her lovely purple dress (from Kristal!).

To say that Georgia LOVED the Easter bunny would be an understatement.  She wouldn't stop smiling.  She loves strangers and she loves stuffed animals (hands down, her favorite toys) so a strange man dressed as a huge furry bunny = great times in G's mind!  She actually cried when it wasn't her turn anymore.

On Sunday, we met my mom, step dad, both brothers, my brother's girl friend, my SIL (and her entire family), plus my husband's parents and his 3 grandparents at a country club in Conroe.  We did this last year and for mother's day last year.  It's SO nice because no one has to cook or clean.  Love it!  Yes, we all matched...isn't that what Easter is for (kidding...)

She got WAY too much stuff in her basket!

After lunch, we headed back to my brother's house to hunt eggs, eat pie, and take naps...the little ones did anyway.

This is the face of a girl who usually takes a nap from 12:30 - 3:30.  This picture was taken at about 2:30...no nap yet.  She did eventually nap from 3-3:45.  When we got home she crashed at 7:45.  It's currently 8:45 and she is still asleep.  That's the reason I was able to actually get this post up!  Oh, and she ate a HUGE dinner last night and an 8oz bottle before bed.  Thank you Lord, she is feeling better!

Happy Easter everyone.  I hope yours was as blessed as mine!


Laura said...

The picture of Geogria with the Easter bunny is too cute! I love that she wasn't even scared. Looks like you guys had a good jam-packed weekend.

Lyndsey said...

Cute bunny pic! I didn't even take Liam to see the Easter bunny. I don't remember going to see him as a kid so I didn't even think about it. Oh well, maybe next year.

And we wore matching outfits for Easter too - it's just fun!

Mrs. Brandy De La Cruz said...

Sounds like your Easter was wonderful!! You were in my town!! :) hope you have a great week!

Megan said...

Love the matching family portrait... so cute! Her dress is the cutest and I love your top! I'm glad y'all had fun.

Tami said...

I'm so glad to hear that everyone is finally on the mend. I love Georgia's purple ensemble- she looks so pretty in purple! That's a great idea to do Easter dinner out. Sometimes I think all of the prep for holiday dinners is just too stressful!

Rachel and John said...

That's so cute that she loved the Easter Bunny. I didn't take Henry...because I still imagine the Easter Bunny as small and the big one kinda looks scary to me!

Blissfully Burton said...

I LOVE the purple on everyone! How funny is it that G loved the Easter Bunny! I think she's the only kid I *know* that does! HAHA! What a happy little baby!


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