April 7, 2012

If we're facebook friends or you follow me on twitter you know Georgia hasn't been feeling well.  It all started last weekend when I went to my mom's and she pretty much refused to eat or fought me every meal and every bottle.  Luckily, it didn't disturb her sleep at all.  The only way we could really get her to eat that weekend was to take her out to eat.  My child is absolutely a social butterfly (didn't get that from me).  In crowds, around strangers, or people she doesn't see very often she turns on the is hysterical.  She smiles, laughs, waves, says "hi"...We used this to our advantage and shoved food down her throat every chance we got.

Anyway, so the weekend passes and she continues to be difficult.  Fighting her feedings and meals.  On Monday Jonathan made the huge mistake of letting Georgia stand up in her high chair.  I had told him several times that I was not in anyway comfortable with him doing that but, she was eating so he just let her stand.  Then, he turns away for one second and it happens.  She falls, head first onto the tile floor.  Of course we were all traumatized by this and 30 minutes later she calms down and we can feel where she landed on her head.  We gave her some Motrin, fed her a night time bottle, and put her in bed and she slept well that night.  (The next day you couldn't even see the bump on her head.)

The next morning I fed her a bottle and she fought me as usual and then threw it up all over me.  Repeat this same scenario 4 times that day.  We took her to the dr. after she threw up the first time to rule out a concussion.  At the dr. they tell us there is nothing wrong with her and it was pretty much a series of things back to back.  Teething, followed by a fall, followed by a stomach bug (a guess?)

Now, it's Saturday morning and she still doesn't want to eat.  She still doesn't want her bottles.  I fought her last night with her bottle and she threw up all 5oz of it on me.  Once she calmed down and fell asleep I got her to eat 4 oz and put her in bed. 

She has been sleeping at night but only about 11 hours.  When we were at my mom's house the weekend before she was still sleeping her 12 hours but now all this not eating is starting to catch up with her.  It's been over a week now.

Then, last night I wake up totally nauseous and spend most of the night throwing up.

All of that to say...we need some relief at our house this morning.  I feel better but an absolutely exhausted.  Georgia is irritable and still not eating...I know it's just a phase but it needs to pass now.

Pray for some relief...please.


Mallorie said...

Ugh I am SO sorry! :-( Praying y'all all feel better soon! We have had a really rough time at our house lately. Last night I put EC to bed at 7 and she was up at 11 then awake and screaming from 2-4 and then was up at 5, 6 and 8. :-( I hope Miss Georgia starts liking food again soon and that you feel better quick!

Lyndsey said...

Blah! Sorry things are so rough over there :(

Praying for a happy, hungry baby SOON!

Kelli said...

Sorry you guys are having such a rough time! I'm glad you're reminding yourself it's just a phase. I pray she'll be back to herself soon!

Tami said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that Georgia is not feeling well! I know there is nothing worse! I'll definitely pray for you guys!

Brittney Galloway said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry, this does not sound like a fun week. I'm praying Georgia starts eating and sleeping normally and that you feel better soon. So glad she didn't have a concussion!


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