Citrus Lane - May

May 24, 2012

The Citrus Lane box for may was a "Fun in the Sun" theme!  Super cute!

Here is what came in my box this month.  (Each box is specific to your child's age and gender, so mine is tailored towards a 12 month girl.  Meaning, not all boxes are the same.)

This is the exact paper that came in the box.

Here are my thoughts on the box.

iPlay Hat - Georgia has worn it every day since I recieved it.  I would have never picked out the print BUT it has UV protective fabric and for her little blonde head it is perfect!  She even leaves it on!

Stacking Cups - At first I was not so excited about these because we recieved similar nesting duck last month that she uses in the tub.   That being said, baby girl loves them.  She went straight for them when I opened the box and has played with them every day (on her own or with me) since then.

Greek Yogurt - I was a little "meh" about this since I can't even remember when G let me feed her baby food...but, she liked it ok.  She ate half of it and then I just tossed it.  It was much thinner than regular yogurt (which she does eat) so I'm guessing she just thinks it was baby food.  I wouldn't ever buy this now, if she was younger though I would.

Sunscreen - Haven't tried it yet but I will.  I'm super excited about this one since it's all natural and Georgia and I have sensitive skin.

Gift card - I used the 15$ gift card to buy part of my MIL's Christmas gift and I love what I bought her but I found the Joyus website a bit odd and hard to navigate.  Maybe it's just me but I will most likely not use the their site again but who doesn't like a gift card.  I was really glad it was included!

Over all I was very pleased with this box!  All the products were full sized and the only thing I wasn't over joyed with was the yogurt.  Citurs Lane is 25$ a month (less if you buy a subscription) and this month had $59.97 worth of products!  That is pretty amazing!

Click HERE to get your own Citrus Lane subscription!  You will not regret it!  PLUS, I've heard a rumor that next month's is an art theme!  Oh, I AM EXCITED!


Natalie said...

That looks like a fun box! I can't believe it's 1/2 the price for everything you got-that's awesome!

Annmarie Pipa said...

what fun stuff!! good for you!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

Catrina said...

Emily: I'm so excited. I just signed up. I hope you get credit :) thanks for the recommendation.

Tami said...

What a fun box! I've been thinking about getting a subscription for months now but I've yet to do it. I love that the sun hat has UV protection. I am always so worried about Emerson's little blonde head getting burnt.

Danielle said...

This month was our first box, and I loved it! I completely agree about the stacking cups. Mason loves them! Mason like the Greek yogurt pouch ok...he will only eat them if we let him hold it himself. He does pretty good holding it and sucking the food out on his own.


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