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May 9, 2012

5:06 - I wake up because I have to pee then I get really irritated that my husband's alarm clock will go off in 9 minutes so I'm most likely up for the day since I usually don't fall asleep easily.  Then, I look on the bright side and am glad I didn't have to wake up at 3 to go to the bathroom then lay in bed awake for what feels like hours.  I've turned into a REALLY bad sleeper since having Georgia.

5:15 - Hubs gets up.

6:00 - He is out the door.

6:22 - Georgia cries out once (molars), then coughs (allergies), then falls back asleep.  At this point any hope of  me going back to sleep in gone so I just take my thyroid pill and pull my phone under the covers with me and play on the internet.

7:02 - Georgia wakes up talking so I know she's ready to get up.  She went to bed at 7:30 on the dot last night so 7 is a fine wake up time (a little early for her but what can you do?)  Means it's going to be a long day for us!

I get Georgia's milk/formula ready and take her a sippy cup.  We're really trying to transition out of bottles.  Our only issue is that she isn't good at feeding herself.  She'll drink 2-3 oz and then be done.  If I feed her from a bottle she'll eat 5-8 oz.  It's the same if she holds her own bottle, she'll only eat 2-3 oz before it's tossed aside and she wants to play.  This morning she ate all 5 oz by herself!  Victory.  It's the small things people!

I manage to get another layer of icing on her smash cake and read a few emails while she starts to destroy the living room and watches a BBC show on dolphins.  She has just started to show a real interest in the TV.  She gets really zoned in so I usually just turn it off.

Georgia eats her breakfast:  eggs with salsa, strawberries, string cheese, and Yo-baby drinkable yogurt.  I try to hit most of the food groups at most meals.

We then play in the living room:  books, color sorting, parts of the face (so far she only knows "eye"), climbing, rolling around on the floor. The usual.  She bites my leg and it really hurts!

I finally decide we need to get dress so I go first while she plays in the shower.  She likes climbing in and out of the shower and it gives me a few minutes to get dressed.  Then, it's her turn to get dressed.

We do our morning "teeth check" where I use a flash light to check her gums for any new teeth.  Poor thing has blisters in 3 (maybe more) spots on her gums where teeth are coming in.  It used to be that I could see the teeth but I can't see them anymore because the blisters are swollen.  She's being a total grumpy pants (I would be too!) so I give her some Motrin to help her gums.

9:00 - We are out the door for our morning walk.  We pick up the mail (got a card from Emma Claire!) and drop a few things off and then head around the block but it's already hot so we go back home.

Once we're back home we go outside to play in the pool and the back yard in general.

We come in around 10 and she eats a few graham crackers and drinks more of her yogurt for a snack.  We watch a little more TV, roll around on the couch, read a few books, and play in general until 11.

11:00 - Lunch time.  Today she has organic turkey dogs, strawberries, string cheese, and broccoli.  She eats every bit and downs 3oz of formula/milk from her sippy cup (which is way less than she normally has but we're getting there.)

More play time.

11:50 - We head into her room and I feed her the rest of the bottle (drinks 5 more oz...see, she eats more when I feed her.  I'm trying to make this nap time bottle/sippy cup where she feeds it to herself from a sippy cup right before I take her into her room for her nap.  Progress.)  She is totally out by 11:55.

12:00 - I'm exhausted!  I lay in bed for a bit trying to work up the energy to go make myself lunch.  I email my mom, Jonathan, and my boss.

An hour late...more parent emails, I eat the worst lunch ever.  I won't even tell you what I ate because it's so embarrassing.

2:05 - I start watching the most recent Private Practice.  I caught up on Grey's the other day and up next is NEW GIRL!  Love it!

2:30 - G wakes up.  I get her to eat 4oz with her sippy cup.  Not her normal but I'll take anything as progress.

I finish icing her cake for her smash cake session, run a few errands and then head out to meet our photographer, Kristal at 4:15.

I'm home by 5:30 and make G's dinner.  The house is a disaster at this point and I am covered in icing!

Jonathan had a meeting at work so he didn't get home until 6 so we didn't eat dinner until 6:30 which is actually late for us.

We all play in the living room then bath is a 7 and bedtime is at 7:30.  Jonathan does bath and bed time while I sort pictures for yearbook and watch New Girl.  She ate 4oz and doesn't make a peep.

Then, Jonathan goes and rides his rode bike.

I hop in the bath at 9 while Jonathan cleans the living room, lifts weights, and watches Top Gun.

9:20 - I do my devotional and then hit the hay!

Phew!  Just reading that makes me tired!  Busy day!

(kind of non-typical for us!)


Girl with passion for all girly things said...

Awww shes so cute. That cherry outfit is adorable :)

follow me please:

Lyndsey said...

What is girlfriend wearing over her pj's?! Haha

I hope her cake smash pictures went well!

Mallorie said...

I just started putting EC in a sleep sack. She's not a fan but I know she will be! :-) Love this post. I need to do one of these when we have a "normal" home day. I seem to pick super productive days (Hubs day's off lol) to document and I feel like it's not showing what our every day is like! I need to get a flashlight to look in EC's mouth! But it's hurting her so badly lately that she won't even let me look in :-(

So glad you got the card! I know it's really early but I love displaying cards before events so I thought you might like having one early ;-) And it was really cute too!!!

I cannot WAIT to see how the smash cake sesh went! So excited!

Natalie said...

Wow, I am exhausted just reading about your day!
I think it's interesting that you don't sleep well anymore, because I remember being so jealous when you were pregnant that you said you slept great! I slept HORRIBLE when I was pregnant but as soon as Callyn started sleeping through the night I sleep awesome again now. I'm sorry you don't :(
I will be curious to see how you get her to drink more from her sippy. I've already been wondering about that because Callyn will nurse in 5-10 minutes flat and only takes sip after sip from a sippy. If we were doing a whole feeding that way I feel like it would take her 5 hours to get in her oz's!

Tami said...

I hear you on the sleep thing! I've just resigned myself to the fact that 6 hours of sleep will have to do! I loved the part about destroying the living room. I feel like our living room is in a perpetual state of disarray- toys, books, you name it! Georgia's little bubble is too cute!


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