Another Weekend

May 7, 2012

Another weekend gone.

Time for The Weekend Rewind!

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-Children's Museum-
Local museum in The Woodlands with my Georgia's sweet cousins.  (My brother's kids.)

Three Littles in the back!

"This little piggy!"

-Pool Time-
An everyday staple now.  Despite the look on her face she loves the pool.  Here, we are featuring our Talbot's swimsuit with built in swim diaper.  All swimsuits for babies should have built in swim diapers.

-Dinner and a Movie-
Jonathan kicked me out of the house for "me time".  Old Navy, Target, Whataburger, The Hunger Games.  It was a nice night but I was REALLY lonely.  And, I got ketchup all over my shirt while eating a cheeseburger in a dark movie theater.  Oops!


-Pool Time-
Because she stands at the backdoor, looks at her tiny pool, and cries until we go outside.  I've created a monster.  But, she has the perfect swimsuit body...especially in Lilly Pulitzer.  So cute!

-Cinco de Mayo-
We went to a a local Mexican restaurant.  It was really fun.  Georgia melts everyone she meets.  Mostly because she waves to EVERYONE and they just love it.  She was even held by a few strangers and they just ate her up. Of course, being the ham that she is she totally loved every minute of it.


Is this dress not the cutest?!  Can Ralph Lauren do no wrong?

-Swimming time-
Kristal, this swimsuit could not be any cuter!  Thanks, we love it!

Just in case you're wondering we haven't repeated a swimsuit yet!  ha!

Yep.  She peed on me.  I was asking for it though.  She didn't have on a swim diaper.

First time getting ice cream from the ice cream truck!

And, who can resist ice cream on a chunky leg?!

-Time to relax-
Pedicure and Grey's online.  Perfection.

Happy Monday
(If there was ever such a thing!)


KellyDiane said...

Love all of the swimsuits and her Ralph Lauren dress!!! Too cute!

Mallorie said...

Loving all of the swimsuits! :-) We haven't used all of ours yet but EC could take or leave pool time. I like it more than she does! haha :-)

Lyndsey said...

That Children's Museum looks like SO much fun! We have friends in The Woodlands, so I may have to take Liam there next time we visit. Maybe we could meet up! We're probably going in June or July.

Megan said...

How was me time? I love it! Also, how was the Hunger Games? I just finished the first book and started on the second and really want to see the movie. You wanna go again? Cute swimsuits too, probably gonna get some more at the birthday party.

We need a girl's weekend!

Joeylee said...

looks like you had a great weekend. The childrens museum looks like fun. Loving the bathing suit and those chunky thighs! Hope you enjoyed your alone time!

Tami said...

The Children's Museum looks awesome! My brother and his family lives in the Houston area so if I make it up that way while I'm home this summer we MUST get our girls together. I think they would be two peas in a pod! :) I have been peed on many times! We use the resizable swim diapers and they do not hold in the pee. I've gotten used to it by this point. :) I'm sorry to hear that your me time was lonely. :( I'm sure I would feel the way!

Brittney Galloway said...

That sounds like a great weekend! I love all of the swimsuits! too cute. And I would have dropped ketchup on me too in the theater.

Allison said...

Love the fun at the museum! Looks like your weekend was a good one!

the {re}formed ranch said...

love love love all of her precious bathing suits!! she is a doll :)

Melanie said...

Looks like a fun weekend! I can't wait till Makayla gets to try out her pool (she's getting one for her bday from my parents) and get her in some cute bathing suits! Love Georgia's!!


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