Friday Stuff

May 11, 2012

Here are a few fun updates for this Friday!


Paper Coterie has some great deals going on right now!

There are some fun FREE printables!  {GO HERE}

I haven't printed them out yet but, I have saved all the files onto my computer.


Now, through June 4th they are doing 20$ Memory Keepers plus a FREE gift!

I'm thinking of getting Georgia a Memory Keeper for her first birthday to put some "mementos" from her party in.  Cute, huh?

Go HERE to get one for yourself!

Ahh!  I could spend way too much on their website!


I took Georgia to my mom's school for her retirement celebration.  I only took two pictures while there but I love them.  They are Georgia with my grandmother.  Her name is Emily too but I call her Nanny.  That's why Georgia's middle name is Emiline. (The french version of Emily to honor my grandmother and the fact that my maiden name is very french.)


It seems odd that I'm adding this into the mix but I didn't want to do an entire blog post.  Have you ever read anything on fasting?  I used to think it was a pretty crazy idea but I read an explanation one time that made a lot of sense.  Fasting is a way to show God that he means more to you than nourishment.  After I read that it made a lot of sense.  Well, I cannot fast.  I just can't.  It is in no way medically sound for me when I have to take hormone replacements every morning.  So, I was thinking what I could give up for awhile...kind of like lent but I'm not catholic...something I could give of myself.  The only thing that came to mind was the internet.  Obviously, I have to use it at work and for emails so I can't just give it up all together but there are some things I need to cut back on.  I've done this with the internet several times before but now I'm doing it again for a week.  Well, 6 days because I have Georgia's birthday post going up on Thursday but that is pre-scheduled.  Also, Jonathan has decided to do a TV fast which means I have to as well.  So, goodbye technology for a week.

So, signing off!


Tatiana said...

I love those printables! So cute! And your little lady is so adorable! Oh my lands they grow up so fast!

Lyndsey said...

Cute printables! I heart PC.

See ya next week!

Mallorie said...

I've been trying to cut back on tv/internet latley. I hate a quiet house so I've always just had the TV on for background noise. Now I'm trying to use pandora to break the silence instead of the TV!


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