May 2, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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1.  Quotes from my husband.

J:  "We need to get her in gymnastics.  She's going to be the next Tara Lipinski!"
E:  "She was an ice skater."
J:  "Oh, than Dominique Sachse...wait, she's a news reporter.  You know what I mean."
E:  Can't talk because I'm dying laughing.

2.  I am IN LOVE with Georgia wearing this peach dress.  It's an early birthday present from my SIL.  Obviously, she wasn't in the mood to smile.  It's hard to get a picture of her smiling when it's just me.  She makes you work for it.  Does she not have the cutest little chin you have ever seen in your life though?

(Mom, I posted this very unbecoming picture of Georgia just for you so you could see the huge gap in her teeth and get a good laugh.)

3.  I bought my mom and my MIL the cutest mother's day gifts.  I can't post them obviously until after mother's day since my mom is my #1 blog fan but just trust me.  They are cute.  (Think...Erin Condren.  Don't google that mom!)  AND, I bought my husband's sister her Christmas gift already AND I bought one of my nephew's his gift.  I am ON.THE.BALL.  woo hoo.  Also, besides food the purchasing in pretty much done for Georgia's party.  Two points for me!

4.  Instagram! (MrsEmilyPowell)

5.  Our wonderful photographer posted another picture from G's one year session.  Isn't it the sweetest?!

6.  AND, I swear Georgia knows some of her colors.  She can identify blue, red, green, and yellow.  I have a video of her pointing out blue and yellow that I will post later and I need to get a video of her doing all 4 with her blocks.  She is already an artistic genius! 

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Melanie Mueller said...

Oh my goodness!! Your baby girl is GORGEOUS!! Love the peach dress!!
That picture from her one year photo shoot is beautiful!!!!
Oh and I love Erin Condren! Can't go wrong there!=)

KellyDiane said...

Love the peach dress! And the photo is gorgeous!!!

Kristin said...

the conversation between you & your husband is so funny. and i love the last photo! :) definitely a framer.

Joeylee said...

That peach dress is adorable!! That last picture is so sweet.

Victoria said...

oh my goodness,your daughter is adorable!!! cute photos :)

cute blog you have!!

Elizabeth said...

Your little girl is just so adorable! And that conversation with your husband gave me a really good laugh. Thanks!

Sugarr2518 said...

Isn't she the most precious little girl! I LOVE all of her little flowers and headbands! Her faces that she's making is priceless:) Hoping you enjoy your Wednesday!!

allie-mac-fallie said...

that dress is BEAUTIFUL!! I just love it!

the pic of her with her teeth showing is too cute also, she looks a lot like your husband there I think :)

Sally said...

Fun blog!

Lyndsey said...

Omgeee, I love that last pic! What is it about Daddys and babies!?

emily said...

Love that last picture!

Her dress is simply adorable.

Arielle said...

oh my gosh that bow is precious with that little smock dress!!! :))


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