Day in the Life (Work)

May 3, 2012

On Mondays and Wednesdays I am at work from 9:30-3:10.  So, I decided to do a day in the life "Work Version" and a day in the life "Home Version".  Here is the "Work Version"

5:15 - Jonathan wakes up.

6:00 - He leaves for work.

6:30 - I sleep off and on but can never really go back to sleep once he gets up so I get up and get ready for work.

7:35 - Georgia is up (went to bed at 7:40).  She drinks 5.5 oz of half whole milk and half formula and is off running.  I catch her for a minute and give her Prevacid and Zyrtec.  Then, she is off and running again.

I change a dirty diaper then I make and eat my breakfast.  Chocolate shredded wheat and a cinnamon muffin.  Love both of those!

After I eat then I make Georgia's meals for when I'll be gone.  At each meal I like to make sure she gets at least one serving of fruit, vegetable, protein, and dairy.  At breakfast I do double fruit and no veggie.  Sometimes I will work a carb in there but breads (no, she won't eat that whole muffin...just a tiny bite or two) and pastas are her least favorite...hmm, I'm the exact opposite.  Ha!

My MIL (I call her Linda while G calls her MeMe") arrives at 8:15 and I give her the low down on Georgie for the her where I put her meals and her mood is...things like that.

I'm out the door at 8:35.  My usual time.

I drive to work enjoying my favorite Pandora stations (Elton John, Florence + The Machine, and Pop Fitness) and get to work at 9:05 which is 5 minutes later than I am supposed to get there but again, that's my usual time I roll up.

My day starts off with a bang!  My boss (love her!) meets me in my class room to discuss two parents that need/want me to call them. least favorite thing!  She warned me that it would NOT go well most likely but to be firm and don't get worked up.  So, I spent the rest of the day super nervous until I got a hold of the parents but all went well so problem adverted!  Being an art teacher I don't have a lot of contact with parents so I'm not really good at it.

Moving on.  Two of my classes are currently at camp (leaving me time to contact said parents and to put in grades) but I was still VERY busy all day!

My schedule at work is:
preK 4  (Painting flowers)
preK 3  (Painting flowers)
1st and 2nd  (Painting under water hippos)
Kinder  (Painting owls)
Upper School  (Painting a mural in their classroom)
5th and 6th  (Camp)
7th and 8th  (Camp)
3rd and 4th  (Oil pastel cats)

So, I see the entire school in one day!  Plus, I am doing a lot of painting right now and that requires a lot of prep work and clean up.

At 3:10 I am driving out of the parking lot and arrive home at 3:35.  Again, listening to Pandora in the car.  I also see this on the way home.  Tiniest truck ever!

I get home and see that Georgia ate very well and napped from 1-3 (usually it's 12-2:30 but whatever).  We say bye to MeMe and wait for Jonathan to come home.

We play in the living room (and I open my Erin Condren package.  I got free samples!) and Jonathan gets home at 4:00 (He works about 5 minutes from our house).  Georgia is always so excited to see him!

We all play in the living room and watch TV

At 5 we have dinner.  Yes, it's early but Georgia eats dinner then because she goes to bed at 7:30 and she eats more when we all sit down and eat together.

Georgia takes time after dinner to practice her colors!  She has done this too many times correctly for it to be dumb luck.  She just knows them!

Then, a little bit after dinner I am out the door again (while watching Georgia cry as I sad!) because I have to be at church by 6:30 and we live 30 minutes away.  I was selected to be on a Sunday School curriculum team.  We decided on a new curriculum and we're working on the best ways to implement it into our classrooms as well as working on scheduling BUT the main focus tonight was cleaning out the resource room so we knew what we were working with when it came to supplies.  It was pretty much a disaster and we'll need a second day to finish but we got A LOT done!  I could seriously be a professional organizer!

I leave the church at 8:00, stop and get gas in the ghetto (scary!), and am home at 8:40.  Georgia went to bed at 7:35 without a peep so I won't see her until morning.  I hardly saw her at all today and I HATE days like that but I really didn't want to miss my meeting.

I take my bath, do my Bible study, and hang out with Jonathan for a bit and then we're in bed and call it a night by 10.  It's been an exhausting day! 


Kate @ Daffodils said...

Im home with my boys (but used to teach) and we did a similar post today. YOu are definitely right about kids eating better when we all eat together!

Pamela said...

Neat post! You look so cute!

Lyndsey said...

Dear Georgia,


Love, Liam


Natalie said...

Wow, you are a busy lady! I Love these kind of posts.
We eat dinner around 5 or 5:30 too.
And I HATE getting gas after dark. I am always freaked out!

Tami said...

I loved reading about your day! It sounds like you have everything down to a science when it comes to getting ready to leave Georgia with your MIL. So glad the parent phone calls went well. That was one of the things I dreaded the most when I was teaching. Love your outfit! Very cute!

Rachel and John said...

I alos loved reading about your day. It sounds like a pretty good one. If my MIL would come over and watch Henry 2 days a week I would consider going back to work part time.

Mallorie said...

Ohhh dealing with parents is not fun when you know it could not go well!!! You are SO organized when leaving, I love it!!!

And now it's my turn, I love that I knew a bunch of this from following you on twitter/instagram and fb! ;-)


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