June 27, 2012

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What I LOVE (and don't love)

10 {Random} Things I LOVE
1  Georgia's face when I first pop into her room in the morning to get her.
2  Dawson's Creek on Netflix
3  My house showing twice in one week (again today!)
4  Chocolate!!!  Nerds!!!  Sweet tarts!!!  Sprees!!!
5  House shopping on HAR.com
6  Listening to Georgia rattle off several syllables together and making up nonsense sentences (Although she now puts two words together like, "my bi" = my bite and "hi da" = hi dad.  Genius I tell ya!)
7  Sweet tea (especially while eating candy!)
8  Fiat 500's
9  Getting packages in the mail...even if it's something I ordered.
10  Driving around "exploring"

10 {Random} Things I strongly dislike
1  Cleaning the kitchen.
2  Keeping my house "show ready" with a baby in the house.  (Impossible!)
3  Know it all pushy parents who give unsolicited advice.  As in, other parents in my age group not my parents.
4  When people whistle.
5  The smell of old stale coffee.  Barf.
6  When Perry barks.  I prefer silent animals.  Even the birds chirping outside bothers me.
7  The question, "are you ok?" or "is there something wrong?"  Well, there wasn't but now there is.
8  When people eavesdrop OR read over my shoulder!  Annoying!
9  The word "certificate".  Just say it out loud.  Isn't it strange?
10  When people mispronounce words.

Happy Wednesday!


Lyndsey said...

I house hunt on Trulia and I do it WAY too much!

Elle Hattan said...

I HATE it when people read over my shoulder. Especially at coffee shops and they think they're being so sneaky!

Jennifer P. said...

Ha, unsolicited advice is the worst!! And if you have tips to keep my dog from barking I am all ears! Happy Wednesday! :)

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Loving your "loves"-- My list would probably look a lot like that! Haha! {Especially DC on Netflix- SCORE!}

Happy Wednesday!

agalandherdog said...

I think the Fiats are so cute too!

Sara said...

I am all about Willy Wonka candy too! Love me some grape nerds!

cait said...

These are great. Right with you on the unsolicited advice. Just wrote a post provoked by something similar. :)

And I cannot imagine keeping my house show ready! crazy!!

Tami said...

I found myself nodding in agreement to so many of your loves! There is nothing better than seeing their sweet faces first thing in the morning! Yay for another showing. I'm sure it is such a pain to keep it show ready but hopefully one of these showings will be THE ONE!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Oh how I miss Dawson's Creek! I use to watch it everyday growing up as a young girl! I haven't seen it years :( & I do not blame you for loving sweet Georgia's face of a mornin :) so presh! Love your whole post...


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