Jena, LA

June 26, 2012

This weekend we went to Jena, LA for Jonathan's family reunion.

We left right at Georgia's nap time thinking she would fall right to sleep.  It took her awhile but eventually she did.  She didn't even sleep one entire hour even though she typically sleeps for 2.5-3 hours at home.  Luckily, the time she was asleep was the hour we spent in traffic (going zero mph mind you).  Once we got going she continued to sleep until we hit our first red light...then she was up the entire 5 hours in the car.  It would have only taken 5 hours to get there but because of traffic we got to add another hour onto the trip.  Last minute I also bought Georgia a portable DVD player.  Glad I splurged on that and she had ZERO interest in watching it.  Awesome.

We were following Jonathan's parents but they had a blow out so they ended up several hours behind us.

We finally stopped at Sonic so we could eat outside and let Georgia play.  Right after we pulled out and we got pulled over and were given a $130 ticket.  We were going 62 in a 50 (which we are pretty sure there wasn't a speed limit sign from the time we pulled out of Sonic to the time we got a ticket) and we got pulled over within feet of a 65mph sigh.  Hmm...speed trap???  The cop was a total jerk and Jonathan's aunt got a ticket in the same spot we did just a few hours behind us by the same cop. WILL NOT be missed!

That is the cop car behind G's head.  She looks thrilled, no?

I did enjoy the "trail mix" I made us and the only way I could pass the time was braiding my hair.  A good portion of the time my phone had zero signal so I couldn't even play online or listen to Pandora.

So, by this point we're at 1 hour of traffic, a blow out, and 2 speeding tickets.

I told Jonathan several times on the way there that I was already ready to go home.  True story.

Jonathan's parents had rented us a hotel room and they were going to stay with family but I was dreading staying in a hotel room with Georgia so they switched with us and let us stay with family.  It worked out perfectly because Georgia got her own room and Jonathan and I got a room.  Georgia slept great the entire trip but did have 2 minor melt downs.

Saturday morning Jonathan's mom and I went to a local store/boutique to do some shopping.  I bought 2 shirts (they are the same shirt but just in different colors) and a pair of shoes for 15$ total and yes, they are brand new!  

(this picture was taken after we went swimming and I had NO makeup on.  Don't judge.)

After that we headed to a small country church for the one point someone thought I was Jonathan's sister.  Um, no!

Melt down number one was at the actual "reunion".  Jonathan ended up taking us back to the house so she could nap and went back by himself.  (All the new people just had her totally overwhelmed and it was already an hour past her lunch time and getting really close to nap time.)  I even fell asleep on the couch after I finished my happy meal because I didn't get to stay at the reunion long enough to even eat.

After her typical 3 hour nap (which I was shocked about and even had to wake her up from) we met family at the city pool they rented for a swim.

I had tons of jumping pictures but I thought these two were the funniest by far.

Georgia still looks so dazed and sleepy here.

She perked up very quickly and we all had a great time.

Once we were done swimming we met at a local pizza place for dinner.  Georgia also had a great time there.  She was full and well rested and just ran around the entire place.

Melt down number two was the morning we were leaving and by that point I think she was just tired and overwhelmed with new places and new people.  After a big family breakfast we were back on the road again (armed with different, traffic-free, directions).

G during her hour long wagon ride during breakfast.  J and I switched with who pulled her and who got to go inside and eat breakfast.  If we even acted as if we were going to take her out she totally flipped out.

The car ride home she was literally exhausted the whole way home and slept only 40 minutes and woke up hysterical because someone (I'll give you a clue...wasn't me!) forgot to give her Motrin before we got in the car (this last molar is going to be the death of me!)  Then, I just made it worse because I thought surely she would fall back asleep so I wouldn't give her any toys.  Well, she didn't.  Mean mom.  We even have a sound machine on our phone that we use over the car speakers and had it on (ocean waves. same as at home) the ENTIRE WAY and she still wouldn't sleep.  That is the bad side to your child sleeping in total darkness with no night light at home...can't sleep in the car.

A rare occurrence!

What she really looked like about half of the trip!

On the way home we didn't stop at all!  We just drove 5 hours straight.  All 3 of us were ready to get home! When we got home it was still "nap time" so I gave G her milk, rocked her, and put her in bed.  As soon as I put her in bed she burped and spit up all in her bed and then shortly after that pooped.  So, Sunday she slept a total of 40 minutes.  

Keeping her up until bedtime was a nightmare to say the least and then she woke up an hour early Monday morning and wouldn't go back to sleep and then I had to let her talk/cry it out since she woke up from her nap more than an hour early and she only takes one.  I'm writing this Monday and at this point she is beyond "overly tired".  Her last molar is causing her sleep schedule to be so erratic and it's driving me crazy!  At least she slept well the 2 nights we were there.

We're going on vacation in early August with my family and I fear "vacations" won't really be the same until we're empty nesters...sigh.


Bren said...

I feel your pain. My son has been so cranky with teething lately. He is usually such an easy going baby that its crazy to see him act this way. I hope that molar comes in soon so you guys can finally have happy Georgia back!

mariel said...

alright, the bad stuff: sounds like our "vacations" were pretty similar! we work so hard to get our kiddos on a routine and sleeping in their crib, but take them out of their comfort zone and it's a nightmare!
the good stuff: LOVE that coral shirt! it's too too cute! and i love that first picture of G walking at the pool. so cool!

tara said...

I'm tired just reading this! Are y'all going back to orange beach? We are!

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Why is it that people like you get tickets for stupid things, but there was someone driving drunk in front of us on the way home on Saturday night who ran no less than 6 cars off the road in the rain, BEFORE my husband called 911 to report him? Where are the cops then? Honestly.

Tami said...

Sounds like a rough trip! E is really not that great about sleeping in the car either so it can make road trips pretty painful! I'm glad that the pool was a success and that she got some good naps while you were there.


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