July 6, 2012


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Georgia in her toy cabinet in the kitchen.  She threw all her toys out, climbed in, and closed the door.  She is just so funny these days!

Found this on the floor.  I think Georgia has been "typing" again!

Finished another hospital door sign.  No, we're not having a baby.  They just happen to have the same last name as us!

This little heart "accent finger" took me ALL day and three tries.  Ridiculous!  Pinterest...pshhh!

I asked Jonathan for some ice cream.  Her put the remainder of the carton in my bowl.  Then, I put nearly all of it back.  Boys...

Lookey what I bought!
I plan on making THESE!

Yummmm!  My mom made us taco seasoning.  We'll be using it this coming week for nachos!

AND!  I drank a cup of water nearly every hour on the hour today.  It's been a goal of mine for awhile and I actually felt really good about it besides at one point (after lunch) feeling so insanely FULL from a bit too much water.  Maybe my new goal is to refill my glass every hour so I can sip for awhile and not chug every hour!

Happy weekend!


Nicole said...

A glass of water every hour is an AWESOME idea!

mariel said...

i have those doughnuts pinned too! they look so good!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I have the same mug from Antro. It is my favorite! Your engagement ring is so pretty and I love the first pic of Georgia in the cabinets, my boys do the same thing.

Jessica said...

I love finding little tidbits around the house that remind you there's a little person discovering things :) My personal favorite is a dirty handprint on the wall going up the stairs. I don't think I can ever paint that wall!

Caryn said...

I love the hospital door sign! Adorable.

Tami said...

Pinterest makes us do crazy things, doesn't it? But your nail did turn out super cute! I really need to drink more water! I may try out your idea!

stephanie said...

love the donut tin, might have to get one for myself.

Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Love your photos. Too funny, a kid in the cupboard. Silly kids ha? Hope you have a great weekend.

Amanda Klein said...

Love the ring finger heart! I haven't come across that one on Pinterest, but I HAVE gone through the "Oh my goodness this was supposed to take 10 minutes and I've been working on it for two hours" Pinterest rage!!


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