Our Fourth

July 5, 2012

Our Fourth of July was low key and perfect!

We went to the pool after lunch at home

MOVIE STAR!  (thanks aunt Christi for the sunglasses and hat!)

After our swim my hair was looking terrible so I decided to do the Pinterest sock bun.  This used to be something we would do on dance team but it wasn't for the messy look.  Anyway, I initially thought it was going to look terrible but it worked.  Go me!  The picture isn't the best because I had to zoom in since I'm not so good at the back of my head self portraits.

After Georgia's nap we headed out to a local 4th festival.  I didn't get any good pictures because after we took Georgia out of her stroller she was like a wild woman and it was WORK keeping her off the stage of dancing people.  She loves to be the center of attention and doesn't meet a stranger that's for sure!

There were tons of booths set up and music in the center of the park which is to the left but you can't see it.

After the festival we headed out for dinner on the lake.  It was actually a rare evening where you can actually sit outside in Houston and it was really nice!

I don't have pictures of mine and Georgia's outfits but we both had on ruffled red tank tops with white shorts.  We matched!  But, not on purpose!

After dinner we let G splash in her clothes because I forgot her swimsuit.  She LOVED it and got splashed in the face SO many times but just kept going back for more.  It was hysterical.  She also snatched a paci right out of a kids mouth (like, a 3 year old), tried to grab a little girl's bow twice, and touch a little boy on the head.  She keeps me on my toes!

It was such a nice, relaxing day and I was so glad Jonathan was home to spend the day with us.

Hope everyone had a great day!


Lyndsey said...

omg, her hat is adorable! Looks like a fun fourth!

Allison said...

She is getting so big!! Glad yall had a great 4th!

Rachel and John said...

Oh G! She is too cute! Love the sock bun! I can't do it, I think I have too many layers in my hair. I will keep trying though!

emily said...

Those sunglasses are too precious!!

Glad y'all a had a great 4th!

Amy Powell said...

the sock bun looks great on you! love the headband :)

hope you had a great 4th!

Courtney @ One Fine Wire said...

Glad you had such a great day!


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