July 20, 2012

My mom is now officially retired and on Pinterest.  It's been fun ;)

She made her own baby wipes.  I was skeptical at first but she found the "recipe" on Pinterest and it really worked!

Then, she made "squid".  The little girls loved then and surprisingly my nephew Cooper wanted nothing to do with them.



These are cucumbers that my brother's neighbor grew!  They.Are.HUGE!

My mom made us homemade ranch dip.  Did I mention I love that my mom is now retired?!

I got my Citrus Lane box.  Look for the details on that later this week!

And, lastly I am loving this pitcher from Target!  Finally got one!


Tami said...

How fun that your Mom is getting in on the Pinterest action! Seriously though, what did we ever do before Pinterest came along! :) Love your new header!

Allison said...

Those squid are so fun!! Love that your mom is able to do all kinds of fun stuff now!

Natalie said...

The squid are adorable! Looks like you have a crafty mom!

Rachel and John said...

Awesome!! I need a pitcher like that!!

Tatiana said...

I love that your mom is all into it! That's awesome! The squid thing looks so cute.
PS: I've been having the hardest time getting to your blog lately. It always takes me to your google+ page instead and I cant get to it from there. Glad I found you again :-)

Ashleigh Nichole said...

I think its so cute that your mom loves pinterest & actually wants to be involved in making things on it. That is so sweet! Wanna trade moms? Mine is not a pinterest gal!


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