Sweet Summer Time

July 23, 2012

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This is a LOOOONG post!

It's really nice that Jonathan works in Education.  This is his last summer to get this much time off and we're really enjoying every.single.second.  It's so nice having him home with us all day!

He's been cooking A LOT!  This day he hit one out of the park with ALL HOMEMADE fried chicken/onion rings/mashed potatoes.  (And, corn...obviously not homemade).  Pretty sure G ate more at that meal than I did!  Notice in this picture she is eating with a spoon and her RIGHT hand.  Woo hoo!

We went up to help set up his office.  It still needs more help but we're getting there.  It's an odd shape and the walls are cinder block so it's a bit challenging.

A few summer time musts.  Fruit infused water and watermelon (for the 2 in the house that eat that yucky stuff!).  And, splashing!

(strawberry/lemon = REFRESHING!)

(look at those LONG legs!)

We've been doing a lot of cuddling in the morning.  I had our room totally blacked out with a huge blanket (why this picture is so dark) so I could sleep in (when we were all sick) but it stopped working so our room is now back to being bright and cheery!

(She LOVES my Nook Color!)

Do you ever look at your baby and just think in your head, "I love them so much that my heart may just burst!"  That, or "if I were to hug them right now I might just squeeze a bit too hard!"  That is what I think when I look at these pictures...those sky blue eyes and white hair get me every time.  Oh my, I love that girl!

even though she is still into EVERYTHING!

(She carries Perry's dog bed around EVERYWHERE!)

Speaking of G, has anyone had issues with this:  Georgia is no longer waking up happy.  It goes from total silence to mass hysteria in no time flat.  The morning isn't really bad.  A few whimpers and sad talking but her naps...oh my!  She just screams.  It could be teething but I've given her Motrin and she has still woken up crying.  And, she took a HORRIBLE "nap" the other day and when I got her up she had her 13th tooth.  An eye tooth and I'm guessing the others are close behind.  Or, could it be teething and separation anxiety?  Any thoughts...she's 14 months old (99% of the time she goes to bed without a peep) and has always woken up cheery and talking.  Typically, I have enjoyed her only taking one nap a day because it gives me a huge (about 3 hours) chunk of time in the middle of the day but about once a week now we're having a "bad" nap.  Combine that with the unhappy waking and I'm just not really sure what it is.  Phase?

Moving on...

Finished my first couch 2 5k week.  Well, second week really but the first week was just walking.  I finished strong by doing it at 8am.  WAY more manageable that way.  The heat here is just unbearable!  By 10 on Saturday it was already 90 degrees...gaaah!

To reward myself I ate this.  Counter productive?  Not at all.  My endocrinologist (my thyroid specialist) was VERY excited because I gained 2 pounds over the past 3 months.  She thinks my levels are finally leveling out 14 months after G's birth.  The cake may be to blame!  AND, my car air bag sensor stopped lighting up because I now meet the minimum weight requirement.  YAY me :) 

We've also been seeing a lot of family.

Georgia pretending to feed her sweet cousin Molly Kathryn.

Look at what my mom made!  She made Georgia a sleep sack out of a man's oxford.  How adorable is this?!  I may have her start making these for baby shower gifts.  Love it!

Our normal Sunday picture.  Jonathan got himself in this picture on accident.  He's funny, and notice he's smiling :)

A few other randoms from Sunday:

Hope everyone had a great weekend like we did!


McKeever Cobia said...

Grayson used to be a great napper but in the past week it is horrible too! She screams when I lay her down. Like bloody murder! I have been having to rock her to sleep. I am guessing teeth too and give her medicine, but oh my!!!

Ande said...

You have such a fun blog. I'm visiting from Misc. Monday. Your little girl is precious. My daughter loves little splash parks. They are here favorite. Look forward to reading more from you!

Lyndsey said...

I like the last picture of G stuffing her face because it looks just like Liam! One bite at a time is not in his vocabulary, ha!

Diana said...

Georgia always has the cutest clothes:) What stores do you shop for her?

Tiffany said...

That dinner looks absolutely delicious. I did the couch to 5K program during my last semester at college. It got me kickstarted and now I'm a bit of a running addict :) Good luck!

Tami said...

I know exactly what you mean about loving that sweet girl so much! I think I love E a little bit more each day though I don't know how that's possible! I love the picture of you and G (and J in the mirror.) Your dress is super cute!

cait said...

I can so relate to what you said about just wanting to squeeze them so tight. I constantly look at Justin and say "I just love her SO much." I'm so in awe of her and can't even wrap words around how much I love her. It's so amazing, isn't it?

Oh listen, girl. My sweet Adeline is the most happy, joy-filled, exciteable little thing that loves every ounce of life. But she is NOT a happy camper when she wakes up. She has almost always done what you are saying G is doing. Sleeping to hysteria within no time. She has never been a good napper, so I use to think it was due to a lack of sleep...but even on days she gets awesome naps in (very rare) she does it. I've just decided to throw that whole "they will wake up happy when they've had enough sleep" thing out the window. I wake up from naps literally feeling sick...my stomach, my head, etc. So sometimes I wonder if that's Adeline's deal too. I just roll with it. If she hasn't usually done it....I'm sure it's a stage. I've heard the separation anxiety can hit again around the age G is. They are little mysteries so much of the time with the stages, aren't they?

Love all your pictures. The one of G with the dog bed is hilarious!!

Rachel and John said...

In Univeristy we used to use hot glue to decorate cinder block. We used to hang fabric, photos ect. It sticks well and then just peels off when you are done!

Henry always wskes up from naps unhappy. I keep waiting for him to get to the happy talking wake ups, but he never has. A cuddle and a sippy cup and he's happy again. But I am always greeted with crying after a sleep.

Allison said...

My first classroom was on the end and had 2 walls that were cinder blocks. Hot glue works really well! When I pulled it off to move classrooms, some of the paint came off but not to bad. Georgia is precious!!

Melanie said...

Maybe its a phase?? Makayla does this at times too..but at night not during her daytime nap (her and G are one week apart)..but lately I've noticed it depends on how she's dressed. She gets too hot/too cold..and she's not happy. I've been bundling her up more than I had been and it works some nights. Its hard at this age cause they still can't tell you whats wrong!! I feel your pain!


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