Lovely Weekend

July 30, 2012

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Beware:  My weekend posts are always SUPER long  Probably too long!  This could have easily been 3 posts.

Jonathan was out of town Sunday through Wednesday and didn't have to go to work on Friday so our weekend was a nice long one.

We kicked it off on Thursday night by going out to eat in the Woodlands.

Before we left for dinner.

This was the first time I ordered Georgia her own meal and let her drink water from her own restaurant cup. What a big girl!

Look at my dessert!  YUM!

Riding on daddy's shoulders.  She lifted up her dress and put it over his head.

Then, we let Georgia splash a bit.  She was mainly interested in all the oddly placed statues in the grass area and drinking her milk.

or taking my purse and running off with it!

When we were done we went back to my car that had been hit in the parking lot.  Hit and run.  Jerk.

On Friday we had an Olympics Opening Ceremonies Party with my mom and step dad.  We kind of had an Olympics/Americana/British party theme going on.

I meant to light the candles as "torches" and get popcorn to go in our Olympic ring buckets but sadly I forgot about both of them.  Oh well.

The cupcake toppers were from HERE

My mom brought over yummy scones (and British beer).

I served Sprite with strawberries and blueberries.

Jonathan made (all from scratch) wallys which are deep fried pickles.  They were SOOOO good!

He also made (all from scratch again!) fish and chips.  It was super yummy!

Rooting for USA.  Too bad the little miss had to go to bed before the US walked out.  

Here is our simple Olympian mantle.  I quickly made the bunting from scrapbook paper, yarn, and my trusty hot glue gun.

The Olympics sign was from HERE and the flags I found on google images and just muted the colors a bit on photoshop.  I had everything printed off at Office Max because I was out of computer ink.

And, the cutest of all.  While I was running errands, Georgia and her daddy made this all by themselves.  It was his idea!  How cute is that?!  She wore her medal very proudly :) Notice the ink is running a bit because she put it in her mouth!

On Saturday we went to Ikea just for fun.  Which, can be pretty dangerous but we only spent $2 on stuff other than food.  We like going to the Ikea Cafe.  We're dorks!

Later that night one of J's friends came over.  He left his empty beer bottle on the coffee table and Georgia INSISTED on carrying it around.  She kept putting it in her car's cup holder.

Sunday we did our typical before church picture.  Since we teach Sunday school we are always in a huge rush out the door and Jonathan gives me one take usually.  Georgia is clearly thrilled!  Then, we came home, napped, watched the Olympics and called it a day.


Summer said...

well you can tell I haven't been reading blogs much lol, been awhile since I've been over here, you have a baby lol and she is gorgeous! I love her hair flower bow and dress she looks like you a lot! Love all the goodies for the Olympics and her outfit is uber cute!


Tami said...

I'm so impressed with all of your Olympic decor! So fun!

Brittney Galloway said...

What a fun weekend! So many things in this post made me laugh....the beer bottle, the eaten olympic medal... and we too are dorks because we eat at the ikea cafe weekly's one of our cheapest eating options!

Kristal said...

Tell Georgia not to drink and drive :) You are so crafty....super cute!!!

Tiffany said...

Those cupcakes are so adorable. The party looks like it was so much fun. I love the pictures of Georgia...she's precious :)


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