What's For Dinner?

July 31, 2012

Or, breakfast and lunch for that matter?

I've had several people over the past 6 months or so ask me about what I feed Georgia.  I've heard the same thing, "What do you feed Georgia?  I feel like I'm always feeding {insert kid's name here} the same things over and over again."  Jonathan and I also have the same problem with Georgia.  We feel like we're always feeding her the same foods.  

When I am feeding her I try to hit all the major food groups at each meal, if possible.  I do tend to focus on meat and veggies more than fruits but those are my only general guide lines.

Here are the common things G eats

UPDATE:  Most of what I feed her is organic.  Especially all her meats and dairy.

She drinks milk when she first gets up in the morning.  Three ounces or so and then I usually scramble her one egg and mix it with salsa and shredded cheese and give her some type of fruit. The most common fruits she eats at breakfast are strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and bananas.  Sometimes at the end of the meal I'll give her YoBaby drinkable yogurt.  Especially so if she didn't eat that much breakfast.  I also offer YoBaby after lunch or dinner too if she didn't seem to eat that much.  It's typically because of teething.

I don't always give her a snack between breakfast and lunch because she is only on one nap and eats early lunch at 11.  If I give her a snack then sometimes she doesn't want lunch.  But, when we do have a snack it is generally graham crackers, chex, animal crackers, or yogurt covered raisins.  Occasionally she'll have an apple sauce pack.  Sometimes she really likes those and other times not so much.

A lot of times we eat left overs from dinner the night before.  But, if we don't have left overs then she'll eat any of the following.
Meat: lunch meat, chicken strips, hot dogs, sausage
Veggie: peas, broccoli, corn
Fruit: almost any fruit you can think of but mainly blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries.
I also give her string cheese a lot at lunch time and she really likes that.  If she's eaten everything on her plate but doesn't seem full then I'll give her more "snack" type items to see if she is really "all done" or not.

She gets more milk at 12:30 and then gets topped off with milk right before her nap at 1.

When she gets up from her nap (with her eye teeth coming in and allergy attacks and waking up about every other day to POOP! your guess is as good as mine as to when she'll wake up.  Her nap used to be 1-4 but now sometimes she's only been sleeping an hour and a half and screaming the rest of "nap time") she gets another sippy cup  of milk.  Sometimes she drink all 5oz but usually it's around 2 or 3.  Our pediatrician recommends 16-24oz of milk a day.  We also give her water at every meal, dinner included and whenever she wants it through out the day.

We try to feed her whatever we are eating for dinner first.  If she doesn't like it then we pull out more lunch type items to make sure she gets full.  Also, just because she doesn't like something once doesn't mean she doesn't like it.  We try and try again on different days.  It took her a full week to start eating peas but now she likes them although broccoli is her favorite.  So, everything we're eating at dinner she eats/tries...usually she LOVES what we're having for dinner and loves that we are all three eating the same thing.

Example, for dinner tonight Jonathan made chicken spaghetti.  But, he does a kind of healthy spin on it.

First, he used Veggie Pasta from HEB.  On the front of the box it says, "Full serving of vegetables per 4 oz. portion".

Then, he added all these veggies.  He actually adds in this many vegetables into most of his "casserole" or pasta type dishes.  You don't even notice they are there most of the time.  From left to right is onion, carrot,  green bell pepper, and red bell pepper.  He adds diced carrots to almost everything.  Once they're cooked I never notice a flavor difference.  Like, he always adds them to our pasta sauce and I love marinara but if I didn't know it I would never guess there was a full bag of carrots in the sauce.  So, tonight G actually got her serving of veggies without us having to prepare a separate "veggie" portion for her.

I hope this gives y'all some ideas of new foods for your littles to try!

What are some of your baby's favorite foods?  I need new ideas myself!


Kelli said...

It sounds like Georgia and Madison pretty much eat the same things. One thing that we've changed is her hot dogs. We used to just get all beef Ball Park, but now we get Hebrew National, since they use the better cuts of meat. They taste more like sausage than a hot dog...Pat and I are hooked too! She also likes provolone and whole wheat toast (separately).

Jennifer said...

OK, I feel like mom of the year. Harper hasn't been eating much over the past few days and I thought she just wasn't hungry. Turns out the girl is teething and I never thought to link the two together. :(

Thanks for posting this. The egg/omelet idea is great. We have been having a lot whole wheat waffles, and I'm pretty sure she is over them. :)

Also, I sell Pampered Chef and recognize that cutting board! Love their stuff!

Katie Pickering said...

You should have Jonathan make these nuggets and freeze them. They make super quick and yummy lunches! http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/2011/02/guest-post-chicken-and-veggie-nugget.html

Also, does he use a food processor to chop the veggies?

Tiffany said...

Sounds yummy! I babysit for infants and toddlers quite a bit and the group of people I work for seem a bit obsessed with freeze-dried fruits, Graduates puffs and yogurt melts and Mish Mash fruit pouches. Definitely, not what I was eating when I was growing up :)

Tiffany said...

Sounds yummy! I babysit for infants and toddlers quite a bit and the group of people I work for seem a bit obsessed with freeze-dried fruits, Graduates puffs and yogurt melts and Mish Mash fruit pouches. Definitely, not what I was eating when I was growing up :)

Rachel and John said...

We do that too (putting grated veggies in almost everything). It's a great way to boost your veggies for the day. I never thought to give Henry lunch meat. Because I'm pregnant and can't eat it, I don't buy it now. But maybe I'll start.

mariel said...

emma has started liking oatmeal for breakfast. if not, our go to is egg whites. her absolute fave lunch/dinner is grilled cheese. i also have recently started doing quesadillas. you can add veggies to that and knock out some food groups.
another recent favorite is tuna patties. i mix 2 cans tuna with 1 egg and bread crumbs. when you cook it on the stove it's a nice consistency for emma to eat by herself. she's been miss independent lately so i try to give her things that aren't too messy, especially for lunch.

Melanie said...

Thank you for posting this!!! I've been thinking of asking every blogger mom what they have been feeding their kids cause I too feel like I feed Makayla the same things every day. I'm going to look for the yobaby drinkable yogurt stuff you mentioned..that sounds like something she'd like! I've got a picky eater on my hands..so I can use all the inspiration I can get from everyone! Thanks again!

Lauren said...

Thanks Emily! Where do you get the drinkable yo baby? I honestly never thought to add carrots (or other veggies) in pasta sauce or other things...love it. One of Zoe's favs is turkey meatballs(with or without sauce) and they are easy to make a double batch and freeze the rest for later! Did G always like eggs? I have given them to Z a few times and she just spits them out, I will keep trying though. She is a big fruit eater too, loves quartered grapes (frozen are great for teething!)


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