16 Months

September 17, 2012

Sweet Georgia,
You are the funniest, cutest, little person I know.

New Words:  You ramble a lot of nonsense sentences but also use a lot of words.  You don't typically use the words you know in your sentences.  Lately you've been making a lot of random high pitched sounds that are really funny.  (I don't think I've listed these yet)  These are words you use on your own in the correct context.

ok (OOO-keee)
outside (side-side)
inside (also, side-side)

You know more words than that, like if I ask you to get something you know what I'm talking about. But those are your knew spoken words.  You know the difference for example between, "where is teddy?" and "can you get your teddy?"

Holding hands
Her daddy (obsessed!)
Reading books
Giving kisses
Being outside
Playing in water
Playing in Perry's food/water bowls
Eating ice and smoothie pops
Dancing and spinning in circles / Ring-around-the-rosie

Other "new" things:
This month you said, "I tee-tee" and then you stood up in the bath tub and tee-teed.  You're a genius!

You have 16 teeth now.  The bottom two canines came in.  I have no doubt in my mind you are already cutting your 2 year molars.  You've always been a bit ahead of the curve with teeth (and growth in general!)

You can ID your eyes, ears, teeth, tongue, head, hair, feet, toes, fingers, arm, leg, belly button, hiney

We've started introducing you to the potty.  I'm not potty training but the other day (about 3 weeks ago) you were "straining" to go to the restroom and long story short I sat you on the potty hoping the position would help you out a bit and it did.  You went to the restroom and I screamed and gave you a high five.  We were both pretty excited!  So, now when you make your "potty face" I try to run and sit you on the potty and have you finish there so you might start to "get it" just a bit.  You say, "bye bye" when we flush.  Gross.

Typically you sleep anywhere from 11 - 12 hours at night.  There have been a few early mornings and few mornings where you sleep way past 12 hours. Bedtime is 7:15 - 7:30.  Your nap is 2-3 hours.  You still have milk when you wake up, breakfast 30 minutes later, lunch at 11, milk before your nap at 12:30 (moved your nap up a bit), milk when you get up from your nap, dinner at 5, milk at 6:30, bath is at 6:50 and milk again when you go down at night.  That's been your schedule since about 9 months...besides we moved your bedtime and nap times up.

This month was a little tough though.  There were quite a few early mornings and a lot of waking up 1.5 hours into your nap.  Sometimes you would wake up from your nap, after 2 hours or more, happy and sometimes not.  Typically, I like that you are only on one nap because I like having that big block of time to get things done but when naps don't go as planned there is no catching up in another nap later that day.  You're not a very good teether and I assume that's what all the fuss was about but now you seem back to normal so that's nice.

And, if teething wasn't enough you also had...

a nighttime cough (for over a month) that didn't wake you up so much as it did your dad and I.  We're talking 3 bouts of coughing that lasted 30 minutes each.  Every.  Single.  Night.  And while you weren't really waking up from it you weren't very well rested either.  We FINALLY figured out that you still have reflux, had to put you back on prevacid, and that literally cured your nighttime cough on the first dose!

And, if teething and reflux wasn't enough you also had...

a fever for a few days that we found out was the Epstein Barr Virus (the bug that causes mono).  You never had any other symptoms of mono and were better in a few days but you did have to get blood drawn for the first time and that wasn't fun for anyone involved.

All of those things combined caused you to drop nearly 2 pounds and you are now down to the 92nd percentile.  That's low for us!  Still 98th percentile for height though.  (33.5 in tall/ 26 lbs/ 4 diaper/ 24 month clothes/ 5.5-6 shoe)

All of that to say...there has been a lot of crying at our house and a lot of unpleasant moments this past month...BUT a lot of fun moments with lots of laughing and smiles.  I could literally kiss your sweet face all day long.

You are just so smart and pick up new things every day.  You are so amazing.  You run and climb all the time.  You're always on the go.  You say "dada" about one million more times than you say "momma".  You are a happy go lucky little baby girl.  I love you sweet pea!


Joeylee said...

She is adorable. Happy 16 months miss Georgia.

Lyndsey said...

Happy 16 Months, G! You are such a smarty pants!

Ashleigh Nichole said...

Awe Happy 16TH months to little miss! She will be grown before you know it sadly :(

mariel said...

happy 16 months!
i'm so glad they figured out what was wrong with her. and boo to teething.


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