Mid Week Post

September 19, 2012

I feel like I don't post that often anymore.  Oh well, here is what we've been up to and what I'm loving today!

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1.  Who doesn't love instagram?!  It's so quick and easy when I don't have time to run and grab my big camera.  Here is a bit of our life via instagram.

2.  LOVE Trader Joe's!

3.  How could you not love a baby bundt cake?!  And, it was delicious!!!

4.  I'm LOVING the only fall decor I've managed to get up.  Georgia runs non stop and during her naps I do stuff around the house that's more important than decor so hopefully I'll get around to it before Christmas!

5.  We've enjoyed celebrating my mom's birthday.  I got her a photobook from our vacation, a magnet of all the grandbabies, and made her some subway art.

6.  Jonathan did a great job at his 5k this past weekend...and I love the picture of G and I in matching shoes while waiting for him.

Walking to the finish line so we can meet up with him.  It was in a state park and super muddy.  I'm glad Jonathan called us before hand and told us to dress sloppy.

7.  LOVE the sass in the picture.  Popped knee and all!

8.  We're all loving the "Itsy bitsy spider" at our house.  She knows some of the motions too!  (Her busted lip is very obvious in these pictures!)

"itsy bitsy spider"

"out came the sun!"

9.  I "love" trying to get her to take a good picture.  It's super fun ;)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


Lyndsey said...

oh my gosh, that popped knee picture is great! a TJ's just opened up sort of close to us, so i'm thinking a trip this weekend is a must!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! What a cutie you have! Stopping in from the link up! :)

Amanda Klein said...

You need to do a post on all of Georgia's clothes and shoes and hair accessories! (But I think you make some of the hair bands?) I want them all!! : )

Lydia said...

She is so precious! Don't feel bad about fall decor- we may or may not even get a wreath up this year whereas last year it was up on Sept. 1! Are those little green shoes crocs? They are adorable!

Megan C said...

I just love these pictures of her adorable outfits and just her adorable self! The one of her and Jonathan is cute and I love her sparkly shoes!

And of course Sic Em Bears!


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