LONG weekends

September 4, 2012

I love long weekends.  I'm sure everyone does.  All of my weekends are long ones since I now work on Wednesdays and Fridays BUT when J has off it makes it so much better.  Here is what we were up to the past few days!

Jonathan was assigned duty to the game friday night but the stadium is in our neighborhood so we took Georgia up there more than an hour before kick off to let her play before her bedtime.  She had a GREAT time!  She loved all the attention and wide open spaces.  I think this will be a regular thing on game nights now!

After the game I bathed her and put her little booty in bed!

We kicked off the long weekend with breakfast out.  We've eaten our WAY too much lately.

After Georgia's nap we headed into Houston to Discovery Green to let Georgia play on their really cool play ground.  It was raining just a bit when we got there so we headed into a really cool grocery store to wait it out.

Once the rain let up we headed back out to the play ground

She LOVES birds!

I also may have let her play in the fountain (in a smocked bubble of course) because the splash pads were turned off.

Luckily I brought her a change of clothes so we were good to go for dinner afterwards.

She was VERY excited about her first corn dog.  Not sure if she could get any cuter...or sweeter!

While Jonathan went to get the car we played some more and I took too many pictures.  Then, we headed home.

On sunday we went to church as usual (and G woke up super early!) but it was Baylor's first game so of course G had to wear a BU dress to church then when we got home from my mom's for lunch we changed into some more casual Baylor attire ;)

We also ate dinner while watching Jonathan finish up the yard work.  He's such a hard worker!  And, after waking up so early G proceeded to take a really bad nap...which is why she ate dinner looking outside.  She needed some distractions to keep her content.  It was awesome.  Sundays are always kind of rough.

Now, Monday was just not Georgia's day.  It started off good enough with a long night of sleep.  Here she is playing in her daddy's shirt getting ready for breakfast.

Then, we played outside for a bit and went out back for a swing.  AND, her swing fell down!  WHAT?!  She landed face first onto the fresh cut wet grass and was hysterical.  She fell about 3 feet from the mid air.  It was terrible...and nobody's fault.  J was super diligent about putting that swing up...it was just a fluke.  

We took her inside and gave her a bath, she was COVERED in wet grass and snotty from all the crying.  Of course we felt terrible and she would go to the back door and point to the swing and start crying again.  My poor sweet girl!  The rest of the day everything was just super emotional for her.  I'm sure she had a pounding headache but tylenol or motrin didn't seem to help so of course she woke up about halfway into her nap in hysterics and wouldn't fall back asleep.  Needless to say she went to bed early that night!

We ended our long weekend with Subway (which she loved) and Cold Stone.  Very low key, but after our traumatic day we needed low key.  If you touch her bruise she doesn't seem to notice so I would say she is 100% fine from her fall.  She's a trooper.

I love weekends filled with my little family!


Kelli said...

How scary! I'm glad she fell on the grass instead of concrete, and I'm so glad she's okay!

Melanie said...

Poor baby! That had to of been super scary for her! Glad she's ok and you had a nice weekend overall..that playground looks so neat!

Tami said...

Looks like the perfect weekend up until the swing incident. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been! That park looks awesome. I can't wait until it cools off here so we can hit up some parks!

Megan C said...

I just love the BU outfits! I will need to find them some day so my future child can be as cute as yours!


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