Georgia - 17 Months

October 17, 2012

My sweet girl,
I LOVE you so much.  I can't bottle you up into one blog post a month but I will try.

What's new this month?

Tractor (da-tur)
Jackson (sas-son)
Apple (bapple)
Zoe (Soo-E)
I don't know (But, you only say "know" and turn your little hands up.  The hand motion is the only way I can tell you are saying, "know" and not "no")
see ya
...ok, and I stop listing.  You know so many words and learn several new ones a day.  I can't really keep up.  Baby center says you should be able to use 7 words by I think we've got that covered.  Ha!

Your newest sign is help and you use it all the time.  You now say "more" and sign it at the same time so I'm guessing you'll stop using that sign sometime soon like you did with "all done".

You've started to punctuate your nonsense sentences with words you know.  Example:  You'll ramble a bunch of nonsense and then put "dada zoe" on the end of it thinking that's a real sentence.  (Yes, Lauren she still loves to say Zoe!)

You can use two words together at once to form simple sentences on occasion.  Like, "stop it".

Here are some notable things I don't think I have mentioned but you've been doing them the past few months. 

Copy every thing we do.  Obsessed with our shoes and sweeping.  Climbing in and out of your booster.  Reading.  Reading.  Reading.  You can push yourself in your cozy coupe backwards.  You talk about birds or "twee twee" all the time.  You love to hide in your "club house".  You are really into spinning/dancing/clapping.  You love the itsy bitsy spider.

Sleeping/Your Routine
This month has been so odd for you.  You've been at both extremes.  I've had to wake you up from naps that were over 3.5 hours while you begged to get back into bed and then you had a day where you only took one 55 minute nap after not even sleeping 11 hours at night.  I would say your average though is 11.5 hours at night and one 2 hour nap during the day.  As I write this though you woke up at 1 hour and then fell back asleep and then were up for good 20 minutes later with very loud hiccups.  (You are currently practicing every word/sound you know LOUDLY!)  You give us about two "bad" naps a week.  I consider a nap bad if it is less than 2 hours.  You are a light sleeper when you nap and if ANYTHING disturbs you it's all over.  If we put you in bed late for bedtime you wake up earlier than normal so daylight savings should be fun.  Typically bedtime starts at 7.  That's when the milk hits your mouth but you then talk FOREVER before falling in 40 minutes the other night.  Actually, it's about 10 minutes on a normal day/night.  When you get up too early whether it's in the morning or from naps I don't get you up though.  You stay in your room a minimum of 11.5 hours at night and 2 hours for naps.  I don't encourage your early rising.  You love your room and bed though and don't fight naps or just don't know how to stop talking...I can read the notes from your teachers now.  Also disturbing your sleep is the fact that as soon as you wake up you poop (no chance of falling back to sleep after that) and every morning almost you pee out of your night time diapers.  Yes, that is plural.  You wear a 5 huggies nighttime with a 6 huggies nighttime over it.

Your routine is still pretty much the same as it has always been.  Milk when you wake up and before you go down.  Lunch at 11 and nap at 12:30.  You get a snack after nap with your milk.  Dinner is at 5 and more milk at 6. Bath starts at 6:30 and you are usually asleep somewhere between 7:15-7:30 and get up from 7-7:30 in the morning.

Last month you liked food but it was a struggle.  This month it is a struggle to keep you full.  I tell you everyday that I think you're going to turn into a piece of cheese because you eat so much of it.  You eat at least two string cheeses everyday.  You say "cheese" and "eat" all the time and LOVE to sit in your booster.  I'm guessing the talking/sleeping less/eating more means growth and development and LOADS of it.  The only thing we have found that you don't care for is green beans.  Anything else you will eat.  I love that you aren't least not yet anyway.  Whatever we're eating you just have to have.  You drink water like you live in the desert and will never see it again.  We don't do juice.  You have enough energy without it.  You LOVE ice and can use a spoon and fork really well.  It's nice that you can pretty much feed yourself 100% now.

Shoe 6 or 7 (BIG foot)
Diaper 5 (just bumped you up this month)
Clothes 24m or 2t

Odds and Ends
This month has been a vocal explosion for you as well as developing new skills like pouring, putting together puzzles, and learning to say your colors.  (You picked up a purple shovel the other day and said, "purple".  Lauren, she must have gotten it from Zoe!)  This is one of the few months you didn't get any teeth but I wouldn't doubt that they are on their way.  It's hard to check for your 2 year molars.  You literally learn a hand full of new things and words every day, like how to take off your own footie pjs...that was fun.  Also, this month you stopped talking about "dadee" non stop and talk to me/about me more.  You used to only say "momma" in fits of rage but now you say it about a million times a day.  Either momma or "mom-meee".  It's a sweet change.  Also, your daddy usually puts you to bed but the other day he put you down and you were just hysterical which is not like you so I went in to check on you.  I picked you up and you just happily said, "momma" and fell right to sleep.  Guess you just wanted to make sure I was still here.  Funny this month is your love for Taylor Swift and the fact that when she comes on the TV (OnDemand music videos) you say, "Tay-wer".  You seem to be mesmerized by her.  It's hysterical because no other music brings out a reaction in you like she does.

I can't believe my baby girl is nearly a year and a half!  You are such a sweet, SWEET girl and I love your little personality.  Actually, you have a BIG personality but I love every little bit of it.  I can't wait to see what the next months and years bring us!

{And, I'll leave you with a typical Georgia picture.}


Leah said...

She is adorable, love seeing all of your pictures on Instagram. As much as I can wait for my little one to start walking and talking, I'm looking forward to those days!

Beth Ann said...

She is adorable- love her outfit! About the nighttime diapers- someone I know uses one of those cheap reusable waterproof covers over a diaper at night to prevent leaks. I think you can get them at Wal-M or pretty much anywhere. Might be worth a try to prevent the leaking out and would save you some $ not having to buy both sizes of diapers!

Joeylee said...

she is too cute and I love her outfits. She's getting so big.

Lyndsey said...

Liam has been leaking through his nighttime diapers too - I may check out those diaper covers Beth Ann mentioned! She is so funny - in the last picture it she looks like she's yelling at you to get out of her way! Ha!

Tami said...

She and Emerson sound so much alike! We are also going through a stage of never being full. I swear she says eat and cheese at least 50 times a day! Growth spurt for our girls, maybe? LOVE her little Burberry outfit. Such a fashionista!

Lauren said...

Lol, so happy she still says Zoe! And you are probably right about the purple thing, Z still LOVES purple.


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