October 19, 2012

This Friday I am LOVING:

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My yummy cake balls.  I went off of this recipe (brown sugar cake. salted caramel butter cream icing. chocolate. salted caramel syrup.)  They were so good!  It was my first time to make caramel!

This video of Georgia is totally boring but NOTHING keeps my child this still and this focused like Taylor Swift.  I'm not like a #1 Taylor fan or anything but I did listen to her a lot while I was pregnant and G would kick ALL.THE.TIME.  Now, she asks for "Ta-wer" by name and it is hysterical.  You can hear her say it in the video a few times and one last time at the very end.

This is her in deep concentration while watching a Taylor video.

Good recipes.  Thanks Mallorie!
Go HERE for her easy pork chop recipe.

I am collecting Christmas books for Georgia's Christmas advent calendar and I have found 10 so far.  Only 15 more to go.  I got them all at Goodwill and they are all like new.  I also bought her a few books for stocking stuffers.  Thanks again Goodwill!

Movie night with Jonathan!

Happy Friday Everyone!


Sarah said...

Your little one is adorable. What's the book advent calendar? Give a book every day until Christmas? Where'd you get the calendar?

Bech and Marley Evans said...

My son LOVES Taylor Swift, too. He will sit in front of my laptop and sign more when the videos are over!

Tami said...

That is so funny that she loves Taylor Swift so much. I'm going to show a video to Emerson tomorrow and see if it has the same effect. :) Yay for getting so many Christmas books at Goodwill! That is awesome!

Newlywed Moments said...

Is your dinnerware the Turquoise Fiestaware? If so, I have the same! I love it!

Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness my daughter is the same way with Taylor Swift. She is only 7 weeks old but anytime she is fussy I just turn on some Taylor and she quiets very quickly =). I may have listened to her too much while pregnant

Hilary Lane said...

Check with your local library for book sales! Our library has a group of little elderly woman that they call "Friends of the Library." I'm not sure exactly what their purpose is, but they host a book sale once a month & the books are $.50-1.50 ($1.50 being brand new hardcover novels). A lot of times they're in perfect condition!


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