Citrus Lane - November

November 29, 2012

I LOVED this month's CITRUS LANE box.  Citrus Lane is a subscription box company but geared towards moms and babies.  You select your child's gender and age and they take it from there.  To get your own subscription go HERE!  (Their items are usually on the eco friendly /  organic spectrum as well!)

The boxes are typically 25$ or less although the products inside are worth more!
(Right now you can start your monthly subscription for less! Take 10% off the cost of your subscription with code SPRINGFUN. You'll save $7.50 on three months, $12.50 on six months, or $25 on twelve months!)

Here is what I received in this month's box.

The theme this month was food and I absolutely LOVED all the items!

Such a fun little treat for Georgia and I every month!


Lyndsey said...

Until what age child does it go to? I may ask for that for Mother's Day next year!

Sarah said...

Everytime I see these posts I always think of joining, have you ever been unhappy with the contents of a box? would it work for a 2 1/2 yr old?

Brenna Boyd said...

I am jealous of your box. Mine was slightly different and my son is only a month and a half younger then Georgia. I didn't like that he got a crappy toy this time and oatmeal but did love the bowls and lunch holder.


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