A Case of the Mondays

December 18, 2012

Here is how my Monday went down:

30 minutes before nap time the power goes out.

The alarm starts beeping because the power is off and it's LOUD.  I try to cover it the best I can but it doesn't really help.

I realize G's sound machines don't have the option for battery back up so I try to figure something out.

I decide to set up a radio on static...you need electricity for that so I look for batteries.  We don't have enough.

I go to CVS to get batteries.  Their power is out too...since, they are less than 5 minutes from our house.

On the way home G keeps telling me, "baby night night".  I know G, I'm working on it!

I come home and find batteries in the radio but they're dead.

By this time the baby monitor batteries are dead and they start beeping with the alarm beep.  Takes me awhile to find them and turn them off.

I get Georgia ready for her nap and by the time she is even ready we're already behind schedule.

I realize I'm going to have to use the sound machine on my phone.

It's nearly dead because my charger is broken.  Jonathan's charger isn't broken but there has to be electricity for me to use it.

I put the phone by her bed and set all alerts to silent but the volume won't go nearly as loud as she is used to.

I give her the milk and rock her and put her in bed.  Does she go to sleep?  No. 
I'm thinking I can maybe find a sound machine online.

Two problems with this.
Number One - the mouse on the laptop is no longer working so I can't actually use the laptop and Number Two - internet doesn't work with no electricity.

So, I have no phone, no electricity, no computer, no tv...

I give her time.  Then 20 minutes later (I can see the clock on the laptop but the mouse won't move) since she is still talking I go check on her.  

She's pooped.  Again.  SO SICK OF HER DOING THIS!

I change her and give her the rest of the milk she didn't drink and she instantly goes to sleep.  40 minutes after nap time should have started...and she's been up since 6:30 (although she went to bed at 7)

10 minutes after she falls asleep the power comes back on.  OF COURSE!

I crawl on the floor in her room to turn her sound machines on (yes, we use two because my neighbor has the two dumbest dogs ever!) and get my phone. 

At this point I'm mentally exhausted!  Hopefully today won't be so bumpy :/


Kelli said...

I hate days like that. It seems like once it gets started going that way, it can only get worse. On the bright side, her hair in those pictures was C-U-T-E!

MSDeyle said...

Our neighbor's dogs are just the same! I want to throw something at them during nap time when they are outside barking constantly. Even in the freezing winter, they are outside. They are NOT outside dogs, either. WHY??

Emily Powell said...
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Natalie said...

What a bummer :( I have often wondered what we would do if the power ever went out in the middle of nap or night. I know Callyn would wake up within 5 minutes from the sound machine going off-eek. They should totally have back up battery power ;)

Tami said...

I hate days like that! Hope the rest of your week was better!


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