20 Months

January 17, 2013

{I don't actually tell people that you are 20 months but for the sake of your update post it works.}

My sweet Georgia, yet again you have managed to make me fall in love with you even more than the month before.  You are so smart and so beautiful and just amaze me everyday with what you know and do.

Just like last month there is no way I can list all the words you know.  You learn a few new ones each day.  The past two months or so you've been really into possessive things.  Like, "Georgia's spoon", "Daddy's car", or "Momma's shoes".  You don't typically say, "mine" but just point to something and say, "Georgia's" or "Georgia's ______".  Which sounds like, "Doorda's".

Your sentences are getting longer and longer.  The other night you opened a book and put it on your head and said, "book on head.  hat.  funny."  I cracked up and told you "yes, that is funny!"

You are still in that phase where you won't really tell me many colors but know several.  Example, "Georgia, hand me the red toy".  She will pick up the red one but, if I ask "What color is this toy?" it's about 50/50 whether you'll answer me or not.  The colors you say most often are red, brown, green, pink, and white.  On a good day you can help me count to 7 and know A-E.  We have also added G and Z.  You know a lot of animals but I'm terrible at animal noises...we don't do those that often.

You respond with yes and no to most questions I ask you with almost 100% accuracy. "Georgia, do you want a snack?", "Do you need to go poopoo?".  I also give you choices and let you answer me.  Most of the time I get an answer.  "Georgia, do you want water or milk?".  Help and thank you are the only 2 signs you still really use.  Although you can say your own version of those words you still use the sign along with it.  All your other signs have now been replaced with words.

You still love to spin and dance but we've started practicing some of your gymnastic skills at home too.  You still aren't that interested in jumping but we try.  I also got a spare board from the garage that we now call our balance beam and you use that to practice walking forwards, sideways, and your newest - backwards.  You do backwards a lot on the floor but not on the beam.  You just hate the beam at gymnastics so we're focusing on it so you'll like it better during class.

You are mostly in 2t and that is because of your height.  Smaller clothes fit you around but always show your booty or are high waters.  5 diaper and 6-7 shoes.  You are around 29 lbs.  Just depends on what time of day you get weighed ;)

You are still sleeping 11-13 hours at night.  Your nap is 2-3 hours.  You eat a very small breakfast after you wake up.  You mostly just drink milk and eat fruit.  Not your favorite meal of the day.  You eat a big lunch at 11 and a big dinner at 5.  You're still a very good eater.  Not picky at all.  Nap time is usually around 12:30 and bedtime is between 7:15-7:30.  At nap time and bed time you drink about 10oz of milk at each.

Other Georgia Stuff:

We officially started potty training on the 5th.  Just a few days later I would consider you trained if we didn't have to leave the house or sleep ;)

You're still really easy going about some things and rigid about others.  Like, you'll eat nearly anything, we have set meal times but you don't notice if they're changed, you let me fix your hair now fairly easily, you are an excellent car rider, respond to "no" very well and in general listen to instructions.  But, with sleep for example, you will not sleep without footies on.  They are a must.  You have to have both of your teddies and both of your blankies.  Also, you won't sleep anywhere but your crib.  Even when you're not feeling well sometimes I will try to put you in bed with me so I can monitor you better but you just get really confused and don't like it.  You like your own space and I'm fine with that.  I guess you'll never be the kid to wake me up with your elbow in my back...I was totally that kid!

You copy what I say sometimes and it's a bit scary.  Like, I got some road rage the other day and yelled, "seriously people!" and you repeated it exactly as soon as I said it.  I had to laugh but I'm so glad that is all I said :/  You also yell, "GO DADDY!" anytime you see a traffic light.  I guess you've heard me tell your dad to hurry up just a few times as well.

You still haven't entered the tantrum phase yet.  You throw a fit here and there but nothing that last over a minute or so.  I usually just try to talk to you or get you to talk to me or just flat out ignore you.  You get time out for things that will injure you or injure other people.  Like, trying (repeatedly) to get a knife out of the dishwasher, biting and hitting, or climbing on some thing I have asked you not to.  These are few and far between though.  Discipline isn't something huge for us yet.  I'm hoping you stay this laid back but I'm not holding my breath.  So far we have never been "that" family in the store just yet.

You "read" books to yourself and sing as well.  (Talking in a sing songy way)  You will sit and listen to us reading to you for a long time.  You love it.

You had the weirdest "sickness" this month.  Everyone in our house is suffering from terrible allergy issues since before Christmas.  You were actually doing better than either me or your dad.  Well, we ran out of Zyrtec for 3 days and I didn't think it was a big deal because you didn't have any symptoms.  Then, your eye started watering and the next day is was goopy, green, and the eye socket was red and swollen.  I thought pink eye but your eye ball wasn't red.  I thought allergies but it was only one eye.  Then, I thought maybe your tear duct was clogged and causing an infection.  I took you into the doctor and she agreed it was an infection but an ear infection!  Whaaa?  You've had one ear infection (your only infection ever) in your entire life so I was shocked, and that was before you started Zyrtec.  So, I guess those 3 days off of it made a difference and your sinuses couldn't keep up with this crazy weather/allergens.  But, no fever or ear pulling or mood swings or sleep disruption.  So strange.  And the fact that the infection was coming out of your eye...so gross!  So, I don't really count it as you being sick at all.  She gave us some eye drops and the first day on them your eye looked 98% better.

You have such a little helper's spirit right now.  You love to "help" all the time.  You find things to go throw away (you just say, "away"), you love to help clean up your toys (although we have to catch you before you pull them all out again!), and you like to help put up the groceries.  You also shut all doors for me and I let you turn on and off all the lights.  You also like to mimic whatever I'm doing when I'm cleaning.  It's really cute.

You're not perfect by any means and we have our struggles but I LOVE you so much Georgia.  You've taught me so much...so thank you!  I can't wait to see what next month brings!

You amaze me everyday Peachy Pie.


Brittney Galloway said...

Love the pictures, she looks so sweet! Grace is the same way about her own space for sleep- she has been since the day we brought her home from the hospital!

Natalie said...

such a sweet girl :) we.were THAT family in the store once recently....it was awful :/

Paige said...

Pretty girl!

Lyndsey said...

She is in her 20's now mama! Haha :)

I love her hat and her puffy vest!

Joeylee said...

She is too cute.

Megan C said...

She is so precious! I can't believe how fast she is growing! Love her!

mariel said...

such a sweet girl!
it's funny that you said y'all haven't been "that" family yet because we were just "that" family for the first time in target the other day! luckily it only lasted a minute. if i ever get around to blogging again it will be in emma's update!

Melanie said...

Her hat is so cute!! Makayla is loving to 'help' too..putting clothes in the dryer and then closing the door..best thing ever for her..lol!

Megan said...

I love the photo summary/update you do at the very top! And that hat/puffy vest combo is just adorable.

Unrelated question- who did your blog design/layout? I'm wanting to do some "remodeling" on mine. :-)

Ashleigh Day said...

Sweet precious girl you are getting so big! I cannot believe she is 1 year & 8 months almost 2 :( so bittersweet! I love updates on their little lives its so adorable & I know its something they will enjoy later in life being to look back on :)


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