January 18, 2013

I keep up with my life these days on instargram (MrsEmilyPowell).  I go back through all my pictures to remember what we've been up to.  Things have been very low key around here.  I'm making lists a lot and gearing up to get our house back on the market...that is all I can think about these days!

Dressing Georgia is super fun these days.  We're loving our new Matilda Jane pieces.
(The dress on the left and shirt on the right.)

My mil made these super cute pants.

She picked out her necklaces.  She's such a girly girl and I love it!

Speaking of, do you combine brown and black?  I like the combo but wonder what other people think about it.  My boots in this picture are's hard to tell.

Georgia is a little over a year and a half and her independence is growing by the day.  She just amazes me!  

Plays with the ipad all on her own (in her big girl panties no less!)

Drinks out of a normal cup and eats milk and cereal with a spoon.
(Her funny hair is just to keep it out of her eyes while at home)

I've been painting my nails a lot more lately.  J picked my colors this time.  He's funny.

Just a few sillies!

Out to eat.  These onion rings were HUGE!  And, so are her eyes!

Bath time with daddy / Georgia tornado!

I've been keeping Georgia's hair trimmed to help it thicken up and that's working well but it's texture is so funny.  Sometimes it's straight but when she first wakes up it's wavy and curly.  I don't really know what to do with it.

Every Tuesday we go to gymnastics.  Everyone always asks what we do there since G is so young so I took a video.  This is just a bit but she really enjoys it and improves with every class and has improved since I made this video.

Happy Friday everyone!


Brittney Galloway said...

Georgia is so developed in her gross motor skills! That is great! You have intrigued me about trimming to thicken her hair up...any tips and does it work?

Sarah said...

I would have never combined brown and black but in the last six months or so I've been seeing it everywhere, mostly with boots. Brown boots just seem to be a lot trendier now and ppl wear them with everything. Think I might have to get some!

Megan C said...

I love those gymnastics videos! She is so adorable and developing so quickly. She really makes me want one of my own!

Oh and love brown and black together. I don't think it is bad. I have a pair of boots that are mainly black but have a brown top around the calf. They go with everything.

Rachel and John said...

I mix brown and black if it's shoes or a coat. But I wouldn't wear a black sweater with a brown know? Did that make sense?

I have a brown coat and I wear it with black shoes all the time.


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