Laid back weekend

January 21, 2013


Is there anything better?

Licking them off of her sweater!


It was so foggy the morning before church!  I made Jonathan take our picture outside to capture how ridiculous it was.  There was actually 0 mile visibility all the way to church!

My goofballs in the car on Sunday!

After church G and I played while Jonathan went to shoot with his coworkers.

self timer fun

I decided to get all of Georgia's art supplies / learning play items in one cabinet.  Some were shoved into a kitchen drawer and others were other under the guest bed.  So, in an attempt to streamline and free up more space for resale I knew I had to clean up her stuff.

This is what I started with.  I used all of the containers I already had to organize the space so that the project would be FREE!

I turned it into this:

And, put it all into one cabinet.  Nice and neat!


Lyndsey said...

I feel like organizing something now! Since Will has the day off, I think I will have to suggest it! :)

You are also making me want to get my big camera out and take some pictures. I have been bad about that lately!

Callie Nicole said...

The foggy picture is so pretty! I love your outfit.

Natalie said...

sounds like a great laid back weekend!! I love when you can do a project in your house without having to buy anything!

Tami said...

We've been doing a lot of bubble blowing lately too! I about died when Emerson licked the wand this morning! Good job on organizing all of G's learning/craft stuff! I stuffed all of ours into a bin for the movers but I can't wait to unpack it and get it all organized! That fog was crazy! I bet it was super scary driving!

Melanie said...

Love her monogrammed top! Great way to organize..I have GOT to tackle my closet!!!

Megan C said...

I am in some serious need of some organization! I might have to do some tonight!

Also, I was part of this weekend too! Had a great time at dinner and we need to do it again... I know Georgia wants to stuff something else in my purse!

Megan C said...

Oh and love the church outfit, so cute!


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