21 Months

February 17, 2013

Oh my, how big you are getting.  I am in disbelief that you are now 3 short months away from 2.  Wow!  (Now, your Nana is sobbing no doubt! ha!)

So smart.  You know so many shapes.  Circle, square, triangle, heart, diamond, crescent moon, and hexagon.  You are doing so much better with your colors.  The color of the month that you've really loved has been orange.  You can now point to and say red, blue, green, orange, pink, black, yellow, white, and purple.  You can read your entire alphabet book by yourself but aside from that book you only know A-E, G, and Z.  You can count to 7 but looking at written numbers we're still working on 1-3.  You hop, bounce, jump, (try to) skip, run, spin, and dance.  You know SO MANY body parts.  We've now moved onto eye brows, eye lashes, finger nails, ankle, and other smaller parts of the body because we tell you once and you just remember.  Potty training is still coming along.  Some day we have no accidents and some days we have 3 or more.  I have been able to get you to go in public restrooms though so going out should be easier now.

You are over 30 pounds and last we checked were 34.5 inches tall.  You're a big girl.  You're in 2t clothes and a 6-7 shoe.  Your diapers are 5s and your Pull Ups are 3t because the 2ts were too short.  My family just makes big babies!  (The thing people don't realize about having an above average child size wise is that people think she's older so then expect more from her but she's still just a baby.)

You go to bed at 7:30 or before and get up 11.5-12 hours later.  You drink milk when you wake up and after your meals and also before you go to sleep.  You LOVE your milk!  Nap time is still 12:30 and you nap 2-3 hours.  Dinner is at 5 and bath is 6:45.  Breakfast is still your least favorite meal of the day but you love lunch and dinner.  You just prefer savory foods over sweet.

You still have just the sweetest personality.  You know what you want and you do show your strong willed side but it never last more than a few moments.  I usually ignore it or calmly talk to you about it. (Or, remove your limp noodle body from the situation).  More commonly now, I will show/tell you how disappointed I am and you get your feelings hurt SO badly that you get hysterical.  I never would have predicted this tender hearted side of you.  It's sweet actually.  You're silly and funny and so smart.  You talk to us all the time.  You hold up my camera and say, "cheese!"  You are so easy to make laugh.  You have started telling us, "fun!" or "excited!" when you're having a good time.  You talk about your grandparents all the time.  In general you are just a very sweet little girl.
Sweet P, your daddy and I love you more than we can say.  You're such a joy!


Brittney Galloway said...

Awww, I love the pictures! And I know- I always feel AWFUL when I expect a child to act/behave older when I find out they are just tall for their age. Makes me want to go hide or cry, haha, because I feel bad for the babies!

Kristin said...

she is just a precious child!!

Allison Boutwell said...

She has just the sweetest face and those cheeks are just kissable! It's crazy that I started following your blog when you were still pregnant and she's now almost two!

Callie Nicole said...

Aw, she's such a cutie! I love the photos you take, Emily, the ones with the sun flare are gorgeous!


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