Valentine's Day 18 {Hand Print Crafts} And, our weekend!

February 18, 2013

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Just scroll past the Valentine's Day stuff (if you're not in LOVE with Valentine's like I am!) to see what else we've been up to!

I, like most parents/moms like doing hand print crafts with my child.  Here are two that I did this Valentine's Day season.

Hand print hanging
-we gave this one to MeMe-

Hand print owl
-I kept this one for myself.  I plan on gluing it to a painted canvas when I find the time.-

And, if you don't read on the weekend here is our adventures into Valentine's Day baking and a post I did about Georgia being 21 months old.

Now, onto our weekend!

Went to dinner with Jonathan's parents.

Had dinner at our friend's house and only took one picture all day...of their fun, funky wine glasses.

We went to church.  They accidentally matched!

When she woke up from her nap I tried to get her to dunk her cookies (we got SO many Girl Scout cookies) in milk and eat them.  BUT, she just would dunk them in the milk and lick the milk off and eat the chocolate off the back of the cookie.  She had the cutest milk mustache! 

And, I got my May Books in the mail!  Love them.  Jonathan designed them himself and I'm so happy with his choices!  There were too many designs to pick from so I just let him go to town because it would have taken me FAR too long to decide!

Oh, and you know what?  Jonathan has off of work today!  YAY!  G and I have a few President's Day activities planned.  Lots of fun to be had!

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Anonymous said...

Those are super cute Valentine's crafts!
Your little girl is too cute!
Stopping by from Miscellany Monday ♥


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