Valentine's Day 20 {Cards} And, moments captured

February 20, 2013

Here is the card I made for Georgia.  Simple...but sweet!
I made it very easily on PicMonkey all for free.

And, in taking pictures of Georgia lately I've been trying to capture moments of her being her.  Like, these I posted earlier of her eating a cookie.

Or...playing in the rain.

And the latest, her watching it rain through the window in our bedroom.  I don't usually edit in black and white but it seems to have fewer distractions.  They are not perfect by any means but I like them.

I feel like they bottle up her sweetness pretty well.


Megan C said...

OMG! I love these pictures! She looks adorable! And the pictures of her in the rain are just great! The black and white pictures look so classic.

K.K said...

Adorable. I'm really enjoying the valentines posts. I wish I would have done that with my little girl this month too.

Lyndsey said...

Great pictures! I'm hoping we get to use Liam's new rainboots and go play in the rain later today - I just wish it wasn't in the 40s!

Callie Nicole said...

Beautiful photos!

Mallorie said...

LOOOOVE those pictures! And I still think she and EC look so much alike in certain pictures. Must be the blonde hair/sweet cheeks. :-)


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