Valentine's Day 19 {Simple Toddler Skirt}

February 19, 2013

I wanted to make Georgia a sweet and simple pink skirt for Valentine's Day.  I'm just partial to dresses and skirts always.  Big problem though...I don't sew well.  I just don't have the patients or attention to detail.

I saw THIS blog post by high school friend Kelli and knew I had to do it!

Basically, you cut off an adult dress/shirt/skirt the length you want, fold over the top, add elastic and your done!  I could handle this I made two skirts for ZERO dollars!  I already owned all the supplies.

I had three night shirts I no longer wore.  The gray one made me look fat, the pink one was too rough of material to sleep in, and the blue one had a broken strap.  I have dozens of these night shirt type things and I was about to throw these three away but soon realized that clothes that I don't like anymore can simply be reduced to fabric!
I used this small elastic that I had for headbands for Georgia when she was a itty bitty baby but you could use any.  The size of the elastic will change the amount of fabric you have to leave at the top to fold over.

I cut the night shirt by measuring it against a skirt of G's.  I didn't pin it.  I turned it wrong side out, folded it over, allowing for the elastic, and ironed it.

I then sewed the entire waist of the skirt minus about one inch to insert the elastic.  I used a safety pin to feed the elastic.  Once it was all around, I sewed both ends of the elastic together and then finished sewing the waistband.  Then, I flipped it right side out and VOILA!  A toddler skirt!

Before I finished the seam but after I sewed the elastic
I ended up making her one pink maxi skirt and one gray mini skirt.  I love both of them!

I was really glad I was able to add a pretty pink maxi skirt to her Valentine's Day wardrobe!  It even has pockets!  Y'all this method of making a toddler skirt is just too east not to try!


Kelli said...

I love the way they turned out! Thanks for the mention!

Tami said...

They are both SO cute!! I may have to try this for E. And by the way, you are crazy saying that the nightshirt made you look fat. I don't think there is any way possible that you could look fat, girl!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

SO cute!

Natalie said...

Ah so cute!! I want to make some! And I was going to say what Tami way anything could make you look fat!!

Callie Nicole said...

This is a great idea! I love the way it turned out - I'm going to have to keep this in mind when I get ready to clean out my old clothes . . .

Melanie said...

Wow these turned out great!! I LOVE making homemade stuff (I've been making shirts for myself lately!) and am itching to make Makayla a simple dress..somehow! Can't be too hard though! ;-)


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