Valentine's Day 22 {Strawberry Milk} And, our day!

February 22, 2013

Make sure to read past the Valentine's part to hear about our totally boring, normal, everyday, day!

How cute is this for a Valentine's breakfast?  Here's the truth though...Jonathan brought it home from work.  It's Bordens BUT I want to make my own.  Does anyone have a good recipe?  I've looked up several but I don't want to waste my time and money on recipes that are not that good.  It's for Georgia since I don't drink milk.  Let me know if you have a good one!

Georgia switched to one nap really early.  Everything you read says switching early is bad but it wasn't a forced thing and she was refusing her first nap so we just followed her lead.  Once we made the switch, at 9 months, I really liked it.  It was nicer for me to have a big chunk (2.5-3 hours) of time to myself and easier to run errands.  Of course, she has a bad nap every now and then like every other kid...I mean, she's human.  Well, all of that to say I've been asked several times (from moms of younger kids obviously) "what do you do with them for that long of a stretch of time?"  I just have to laugh because when she was on 3 naps a day I would think the same to keep her occupied all day until nap time and then bedtime once she got older.

So, this isn't a Day In The Life Post it's just a post about what we do during the day.  A dreary rainy day.

Little Miss woke up at 6:23.  That's rare at our house but she was asleep at 7:20 so there was no falling back asleep for her.  We watched cartoons in bed and then I made her a star themed breakfast.

I also randomly found that my phone does panoramic pictures.  I've had my phone two years and never knew it could do, it's not an iphone so I didn't magically get it with the update.  Our living room looks so bare.  Getting it ready to sell!

After breakfast, in between potty breaks, we usually do our "school" time.  I have different activities for us to do to help pass the time and to make sure we're not just doing nothing all day.  I have one letter, number, color, and shape per week.  Like, this week we're learning about the color green, the letter D, the number 4, and rectangles.  I also do holiday themed things like the picture below.  Cherry trees (George Washington) and log cabins (Abraham Lincoln) for presidents day.  And no, I will not be homeschooling I just want to utilize her sponge like brain right now.

We play outside A LOT from about 9:30 - 11.

We had a learning lunch!  Cleaned her plate!  I do shapes a lot with her meals.  She loves them.

Then, we played outside some more!  She yells, "outside!"  I tell her, "no, it's raining baby."  She responds with, "Jacket.  Boots.  Hat."  I give in because she is so dang smart and knows that she needs rain gear in order to go outside.

 Another thing that Georgia loves to do?  Pick flowers.  For real.  This keep her occupied for a long time.  She picks them and puts them in a bucket.  She's in heaven.

The weather outside was pretty yucky.  And, the construction at the end of our street doesn't help either.

When she got up from her nap we cuddled in bed.  I don't rush anything around here.  She likes to relax for awhile when she gets up so I go with it.  It's the only time during the day that she is still and I get to play with her hair :)

After that we go on walks again a lot.  We just couldn't deal with a lot of cold weather!  She likes being outside way too much!  And yes, we picked more flowers!  On days that it is too cold to play outside (or too hot since we do live in TX) we do a lot of mall walking.  She takes the best naps after a lap around the mall and up and down the stairs!

We kill a lot of time waiting for Jonathan to get home from work.  He gets home about 4:15 which is really nice. 

Georgia also has "chores" in the morning and at night.  She feeds Perry twice a day and in the morning takes the clothes off of the drying rack for me.  She LOVES this!  She gets giddy when feeding Perry.  When taking the clothes off of the rack the puts them in one pile and then carries them all to me...where ever I am in the house.  She has such a helpers heart right now and I love it.

When Jonathan is cooking we let Georgia play on the ipad.  It's our peace and quiet for just a small bit of time and it's so nice.

Dinner time is fun too.  After dinner Jonathan made smoothies for him and Georgia.  Can you tell she really enjoyed it!

This night we took a family walk around the neighborhood which was a nice change of pace since J doesn't usually go on our walks with us.

Typically, before bath time Jonathan and Georgia do a lot of reading on the couch.  After the reading she gets super amped up and runs around the house yelling, "RUNNING!"

Then it's 6:45 and that means bath and she's usually asleep before 7:30.

So, in general life with a 1 year old means a lot of time dedicated to food and drink, LOTS of time outside, and some creative thinking on my part to keep us occupied since we don't live near ANYONE so we don't have play dates or things like that.

What are your best ideas for keeping your toddler happy???


Kelli said...

We're blessed to live really close to my parents (three houses down), so we almost always see them at least once a day. Madi is seriously obsessed with Nana/PawPaw. We go to the park to jog and play every day that the weather is halfway decent, and go to the library or just bum around Walmart for awhile on the other days. She loves seeing the fish and the babies, not to mention all her stranger "friends". McDonalds is a good back up if it rains on the one day the library is closed (which it always seems to do).

Brittney Galloway said...

Ooh, I liked this post. I've wondered what you do with G all day for awhile! Grace is STILL taking two naps and I dread the day she drops her morning one since I think she will just be a cranky mess until her afternoon nap. I wish we could go outside but it is 1. TOO hot for most of the year 2. awkward because it is such a conservative place. Boo.

Megan C said...

Love this post and all the activities you do with G. When I have kids you better teach me all these things!!! Where did you get all the cutters for the shapes? Or do you just cut them yourself?

Melanie said...

I need to do the numbers, shapes, colors thing with Makayla! I think this was an answered prayer because I'd been praying that God show me what I can do to help Makayla learn more! You know how it is when your a feel like you NEVER do enough! Makayla loves walks outside guys are so lucky you live where its warmer and you can go out more!!! We finally got to go out was nice for a change! :-)

Mallorie said...

I love this post! The cold cold weather here has been rough. Thankfully we keep pretty busy. LOVE your shapes snacks/meals. I need to try that with EC!


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