Garage Door Love

March 14, 2013

Project SELL THIS HOUSE is underway and first up was sprucing up the garage door.  It had faded over the years and just needed a face life.  We bought carriage style hardware about 2 years ago and had yet to put it on.  We finally bought the stain a few months ago and finished the project yesterday!

Here is the journey of our garage door and a fairly inexpensive curb appeal boost!  The hardware was around 20 dollars on Amazon and the stain was less than 15 dollars at Home Depot.

A few details.

Georgia approved!

We still have a few updates going on in the yard so I will show a whole front yard picture once we are finished!  Yay!  Can't wait!


Lyndsey said...

We have the same hardware on our garages, and I think it adds some fun character! Looks great!

Danavee said...

Ohmygosh! It looks great!!!!!!!!!!

Tami said...

It looks awesome! You guys have such a pretty house- I'm sure the perfect buyer will come along!

the {re}formed ranch said...

love that! i think it inspired me to do the same to ours. can't believe you can get the hardware on amazon for only $25! love the look! I hope your house sells quick this time around!!

Megan C said...

I like those handles, I think our garage needs some updating... summer project??

Good luck getting the house ready!

Rachel and John said...

Beautiful! Now I want that on my garage!!

Diana said...

Looks amazing!! What a difference, with a little bit of paint.

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