March 8, 2013

I haven't done one of these posts in awhile!  (Linking up HERE)

Here is our smart phone life!

Yes, this does work and makes the house smell so YUMMY!  Like, I did laundry all day but didn't.  We have to use all free and clear in our laundry because of Georgia's skin so our laundry never smells like anything.

I teach art part time at a small private school.  The left is our rodeo art and the right is evidence of nice coworkers!

I hit up Goodwill after work and found all these balls!  Score.  G buried herself!  Ha!

I also found this HUGE tunnel and adorable little Matilda Jane-ish top for Georgia.  The top for 1.99 and originally from Old Navy.  She looked precious in it!

One morning G asked me to paint her toe nails...of course I did!

Ended our night a few days ago by collecting rocks and throwing them in the pond.  She LOVED this!

Cute mermaid clip and pigtails and just lounging in my bed.  She LOVES hanging out in our bed!

I'm seriously addicted in cutting Georgia's food into shapes.  I can't wait to pack her school lunches!

Jonathan and I always joke that Georgia is like a little "borrower".  Did y'all read that book when you were young?  Anyhow, things with her go missing and then turn up in the strangest places.  Like, our magnetic alphabet letter that showed up in a bowl in the hallway.  I would love to know what's going on in her brilliant little mind.

Georgia and I go and walk the mall a lot.  We sample the cookies and just walk.  She loves doing climbing the stairs and I love the naps she takes when we get home.  She also loved the weird statues at the entrance.  

After she got up from her nap we headed to the park.

After the little one was in bed I started some crafting.  One this I hardly even started was Georgia's weather station.  Super fun.

That's our week in a nutshell!  SO glad it's friday and my little family can start our Spring Break!


Danavee said...

She is adorable!

HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! Looks like your weather is beautiful!

CMae said...

She's grown so much!!! I loved your little insight to her being a borrower made me LOL! :)

I tried the Downy Unstoppables as a scentsy filler too, but I ended up reverting back to scentsy since it was a real pain to remove the unstoppable from the warmer. Plus I have found that I REALLY smell the unstoppable smell on the clothes that I let air dry.

thompson said...

looks like you have had a lot of fun things going on! i've never heard of the downy as a room freshener & might have to give that a try! so smart.

Lyndsey said...

We have a pond right by our house that I don't think Liam's ever been to. Shame on us! Maybe we'll try it out next week if the weather is nice, it's supposed to rain all weekend :(

Score on the goodwill tunnel! I've been wanting to get Liam one but they're kind of expensive for what they are. I might check ours out!

Rachel and John said...

Henry borrows things and hides them too. I find the oddest items in weird places!

Stoic Tia said...

eeeekk!! Chubby little baby toes with painted nails?? I'm dying. I need a baby girl in my life like NOW!
Happy Friday!!

Me and My Boys said...

Oh my gracious, your daughter is adorable! And the laundry pearls trick-genius! I'm so stealing that. :)

Angela King said...

omg those baby toes are killing me! :)

Gwendolyn T said...

Weather station, seems like a great idea! I often wonder what my littles are thinking. It feel special when I am actually able to figure it out, now that my daughter is a little older.


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