Spring has Sprung

March 5, 2013

I've been busy decorating for Spring/Easter around here.  (Sorry St. Patrick's day!)  I didn't go too crazy because hopefully the week after Spring Break our house will be listed again. (Please pray it sells!  It's a real hard area to sell in right now so every little bit helps!)  This whole stomach virus debacle really through a wrench in my plan on getting it on the market by Spring Break but we're just not there now.  Hopefully we can get caught up over the break and get it listed.  A lot hinges on this sell : /

Our front door.  I've had the wreath forever and the adorable bunny is from my mom!

I made the banner and the sign and already had them.  I didn't DIY anything this year.  So nice.  The eggs are from Target last year...I think.

I made the yarn wreath two years ago and the Easter sign is from GoodWill.  I made the garland last year.  It's not very pretty close up but it will do.

Just little towel touches here and there.  I want to say my mom gave me these last year.

It was really warm yesterday.  Like, 80 degrees.  So, I took Georgia to play by the pond near our house.  They are really trying to make the pond a selling feature for our neighborhood and it just so happens to be steps away from our front door.  Anyhow, G has really taken to playing near there so it was the perfect place for a few springy pictures.  It was so windy but she had the best time walking on the new sidewalk, collecting rocks, and then taking them down to the water and throwing them in.  She just loved playing in the dirt and getting messy!

Happy Tuesday everyone!


Lyndsey said...

G looks presh in her spring dress as usual. Does she keep sunglasses on? I just got Liam some new ones yesterday and he will not keep them on! Good luck with your house this round!

Callie Nicole said...

Love the pictures of Georgia and all your spring decor! I have some serious winter blues going on over here . . .

Rachel and John said...

Oh I can't wait for summer!!

Tami said...

Such beautiful pictures of Georgia!!

Sarah said...

Super cute decorations! Georgia is adorable BTW!


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