Top 5 Friday

March 22, 2013

My top FIVE this Friday!
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Rice cooker.  One of the best kitchen tools ever!  Jonathan and I used to joke at how BAD we were at cooking rice.  I cooked brown rice following Alton Brown's recipe to a T and was still a total flop!  With this little kitchen gadget...never!  Yummy every.single.time.  SCORE!  Thanks mom!


Easter egg hunting practice.  But, I put her alphabet letters in the eggs and we sat and opened all of them and talked about all the letters.  She loved it!


Her mind, she is so smart.  I told her she could only use her eyes to look at the flower and not touch it.  So, she planted her chair right in front of it so she could have the best view.  And, we're now adding the states to our list of things that we talk about every day.  She can point to and say, Texas (duh!), Florida, and California.  Also, she knows where the compass is and to say it.


I've been trying so hard to get a good video of Georgia dancing.  You have to watch towards the end to get a glimpse into her skills ;)  She'll do this for a long time but of course when I DON'T record it.  Also, here's another one of her watching Taylor.  This video is bad but I love the little tiny snippet of it that's good. (Does that make sense?)


Painting again.  It's fun to get orders every now and then.  Callie ordered this one.  Get yours HERE.

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


Tami said...

I'm terrible at cooking rice as well! I've been using the boil in a bag kind and it seems to work better but I'd love to have a rice cooker. That's a great idea to do an ABC egg hunt. I may have to try that! And go Georgia for learning the states! I need to get a little map for E!

Allison Boutwell said...

We have that rice cooker and I like it too. I got it on black friday for a whopping $9.99! Win!!

That's such a fun idea for the "mock" Easter egg hunt. :)

Lyndsey said...

Sarah & Abraham has a super cute states placemat - I think I'm going to get it for Liam! And G shimmying to Taylor Swift might be the cutest thing I've seen...ever.

Megan C said...

OMG!!!!! I love her, she is just so smart and so funny! Great dance moves!

The Niemeyer Nest said...

That is so cute about hunting for eggs with letters inside. I am going to try that this week! LOVE it!


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