Last Week

April 15, 2013

Last week is the week I felt like we were living out of our car and the week of keeping Georgia up way past her nap time, oh and the week of Perry being dragged all over town so he's not in the house when it shows.

Birthday party in Montgomery (an hour from our house!)

Gymnastics (in Conroe)


Cuddled all day because we wanted to
Played and had watermelon after dinner

Worked (field day = sun burn)
House showing during nap time so my MIL to G to her house.
After work had to drive to my MIL's house to get G (and Perry) and then back to our house.  An hour's worth of driving :(

Matilda Jane trunk show in Conroe
Had to drop Perry off at my mom's first
House showing during nap time while at the MJ show
Worked on G's two year pictures a bit

Preview of last week's shoot:

Preview of this week's shoot:
My hair did look nice...then it was really windy and got tangled :(g

Teach sunday school (but had to drop Perry off at my mom's first)
Go to my mom's Conroe house so G can eat lunch and nap because...
House is showing during nap time AGAIN! (3rd day in a row)
Go to my niece's birthday party in the woodlands.
So, we were gone ALL DAY!
Get home and see that the people who viewed our house last tore G's roller shade and left it in a pile on her bedroom floor.  Thanks a lot!

Honestly, I am SO thankful our home has had so many showings but I am so worn out and over it.  It is really difficult to keep your house show ready with a (nearly) 2 year old and a dog who hates the car.

Now, to tackle this week!  Happy Monday everyone!


stephanie said...

I think selling a house with children would be so difficult. So much of their day depends on being home. I love the pink dress on you in the photo!

Natalie said...

I just can't even imagine!! I'm already dreading the day we put our house on the market and its probably years away still!! your hair is crazy long! I love it!

Kelli said...

Ugh...we're planning to list our house in the next couple of weeks, and will probably deal with a same situation (if we're lucky enough to get showings) between Madison and Bella. Now I'm dreading it! They tore her window treatment?! And just left it there? How rude!

the {re}formed ranch said...

So glad your house showed so much this week! I know how stressful it can be to show it so much with a baby! Not fun... but hopefully you will get an offer soon so you can move!! Yippee!

Megan C said...

Love that pic of you and G!!

Tami said...

I cannot even begin to imagine how hard that must be! I hope that an amazing offer comes your way soon! Love the preview pictures. I did not realize your hair was so long! It's so pretty!

Melanie said...

Gee whiz they tore her shade up?! Thats crazy! At least your getting alot of showings though..thats a plus!! I LOVE the pic of you and G in the 'wheat field'..beautiful!

Kristal said...

Love the pics....where did you do the ones of you and G.

Kristal said...

Love the pics....where did you do the ones of you and G.

Nikole E! said...

long week! but the polka dot shorts & boots are too precious!


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