Midweek Randoms

April 10, 2013

On Monday Georgia and I went to a Fairy Party for her little friend Zoe.  We had a great time playing at the park and doing other fairy activities (and eating pizza and cupcakes!)

-Georgia swinging and not sitting sitting very lady like next to "big Zoe" (who isn't the birthday girl).-

-Georgia decorating her fairy house next to the birthday girl "baby Zoe".  I LOVE that they both have on HUGE bows.  Of course!-

-Cupcake eating and pursed lips means serious concentration on the fairy house.  Which I may add my child was the only one who didn't put her stickers ON the house.  She put them all IN her fairy house.  Just a creative thinker ;) -

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In other fun news!  Our house has shown THREE times and is showing again Saturday.  Hopefully one of these families will want our home!  We want so badly to move!  Four out of seven days this week will be spent in Conroe already...it would be so much easier if we could just move there already!

Oh, and Georgia burned her hand on the humidifier.  Before you tell me I'm a bad parent let me tell you that our water is so hard that it has clogged and broken not one but TWO cold air humidifiers.  So, I use our hot air one.  I turn it on and close her door.  When it's time for bed after her bath I turn it off when she goes into her room to get her PJs on.  (It gets too streamy anyways if you leave it on all night.)  Anyhow, Jonathan didn't know it was on and she went to touch it (normally she knows not to touch it even though when she sees it, it is usually off) and this is what happened.  Y'all, this was the next day and it already looks worse and better at the same time.  The area is getting smaller but it's peeling.  Parents of the year I tell ya...

And, a few things to be looking for:
A Pull-Ups sponsered post
Petite Lemon giveaway

So, be on the lookout!

Happy Wednesday everyone.

Oh, and sorry for any typos.  My Google Chrome spell checker isn't working and I'm so used to it that I forget to spell check on my own.  Any tips as to why it isn't working???


Megan C said...

Move here already! It'll be so fun to be in the same city all the time even though Ashley said she would be jealous.

Tami said...

I love the little fairy houses. What a cute idea! I hope you guys get an offer! I know it must be stressful waiting!!

Natalie said...

Oh her poor hand :( callyn sneaks up on me sometimes when I'm getting dinner out of the oven and I'm so scared she's going to touch it and get burned!

Megan said...

Her poor little hand! Fingers crossed for good news on your house!

Lyndsey said...

Poor G and her hand. At least she won't even remember it!

Fingers crossed about your house!


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