A Few Details

May 10, 2013

I've been asked several times what we plan on doing after we move.  Where we are moving.  Where we'll be living and so on.

We've know all along after we sold our house we would be moving into a vacant house my mom and step dad own in the area that we want to eventually move.   This is good for several reasons.  Obviously it will be nice saving on a mortgage payment every month.  But, even better is that we don't have to time the sell of our home with the buying of another home.  We can take our time.  And honestly, there is NOTHING on the market for us right now.  The next home we buy will be a 10-15 year home so it needs to be the right one.  That being said, we're looking for a fixer in an established and tree lined neighborhood.  We currently live in a brand new home and in a brand new neighborhood which has been great but we've always wanted older.

So, we will be renting a storage unit for much of our furniture.  G's bedroom furniture, the master furniture, and the living room furniture will all be going into my mom's house with us along with our clothes and some other odds and ends.

We could possibly be living in my mom's house for 6 months so I know that our holiday decorating and celebrating will be much different than I typically like and I'm ok with that.  People think it's crazy that we'll be moving two times in six months but it's really the best option that we have.  We know the month of May will be crazy (we should be closing either the 31st or the 7th)  but I'm hoping for a relaxing summer and then moving sometime in the fall maybe.  We'll see.  It's a time of transition that's for sure but we are so looking forward to it!


Casey Ferri said...

We're moving twice in 6 months as well...for the same reason. Wanting to take our time to find the right home. Our house sold in less than 24 hours and we were moving two states away - i.e. ZERO time to find a new house anyway. I was all set on hanging curtains and decorating and making our temporary place as much like home as possible, until I realized how much work it was to pack all that stuff up the first time! ha! We're living with bare walls right now, but that's okay - just for a season.

Hilary said...

We're doing the same thing - moving in to my parents' house for a while. They're buying a newer house, and we've outgrown our house, so we're going to rent it until the market comes back enough to sell it. Thankfully, we'll be there for a few years, so we can get a little more settled. Good luck finding a new house - we have similar tastes in houses!

Michelle said...

That's super smart of yall! My SIL and her family are actually doing the same thing till they can find their dream home too.

Jessica said...

We moved twice (in 6 months) last year! We sold our house a lot faster than anticipated and had to find a rental house while we looked/built a house. It was crazy, but so worth all the packing, storage, unpacking triangle (and I had to be reminded often why I was living out of boxes). Good luck!!


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