May 8, 2013

We were going much of the weekend and had a very busy Monday.  Here is a quick update.

Hmmm...let's see

We eat a CFA way too often

The weather is cold.hot.cold.hot.  So dress with jeans in the morning.  Then post nap just a dress.  Very patriotic.

Trying to bring her water table inside

Georgia watched Snow White for the first time.  She got very scared during the woods scene and held her little hands under her chin.

Poured OJ in her popsicle molds.  Frozen orange juice is awesome apparently.

Have snuggled in bed a lot.  Look at that sweet smile!

Let Georgia pick out her own ice cream.  Of course she picked strawberry since it was very pink.  The spoon took too long so she switched to just licking it out of the cup.

Jonathan and I split a chocolate peanut butter pie.  It was super yummy.

We've officially begun packing which is daunting, exciting, and a relief all at the same time.

AND...Georgia got clip on earrings.  I was looking for stick on earrings at the store and couldn't find any so we came away with these.  She's obsessed!  I think she looks a bit like a gypsy here.  haha!

Happy Wednesday!


Tami said...

We love Chick Fil A too! The clip on earrings are seriously the cutest. I may have to try those for E!

Mallorie said...

Ha! Love the earrings. She is a doll face. Love all of her sweet expressions. And on our busy weeks I don't even want to think about how much CFA we eat ;-)

Megan C said...

Love the pics of y'all together! Her smile is so sweet... Also, love CFA as well, I think they know me there.

ShaunB said...

You are much further in the packing process than we are. lol. I had to make a list, so I would know where to start.


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