Flower Party

May 31, 2013

Georgia's flower party was a blast and I'm doing one HUGE Flower Party post here!

Let's start with the decor.  We had the party at my mom's house the weekend before we moved in.  Hectic much?!  I didn't do any type of color scheme.  Just any and ALL flowers!  I loved the way it all came together!

The mantle was a lot of decor from home that I didn't want to break in the move so we brought it over early.  The garland was from her party last year and the flower/butterfly pin wheels are from the Target dollar section.  I made all the tissue paper flowers and they were surprisingly simple!

The drink container and ice bucket were all from target last year.  The plates my mom bought for a DOLLAR at the Dollar Tree.  The other odds and ends were just from home.

All the food containers shown were already mine or my mom's.  The garland I made last year for her party, I made the flower blow pops and wrapped floral foam in wrapping paper to hold them.  The awesome vase is my mom's Fiesta vase and she bought the adorable pink carnations (G's favorite color!)

Here is a better look at the flower pops.

This is the view of the buffet and dining table from the kitchen.  The circle hanging from the flowers is from Target from her party last year and the paper flowers on the table were from the Dollar Tree.  My mom made the cupcakes and I made the toppers (from HERE).  We also placed more flower pops on the table.  I loved how those turned out.  (Made them with my cricut)

Now that we're all moved in at my mom's we totally still have the flowers up.  We like them :)

My mom got the flower cupcake liners at the Dollar Tree too!  Again, for a dollar.  She got a lot of good items there for the party!

Other details:
Goodie bags, pin wheels that G picked out, banners, balloons, and the from porch.  The door sign was from the hospital when she was born but it kind of went with her party theme so I used it.  (And, her length is wrong on there FYI.  She was 20.25.)  Inside the goody bags were crazy straws, flower planting kit, and crazy glasses that Jonathan picked out.  

The backyard was a big toy free for all!  Little kid table and chairs, water table, pall pit, tunnel, cozy coupe, castle, wagon, and lots of balls.  Oh, and a little four wheeler and side walk chalk.  Mostly though they all stayed at the water table.

Some party play!  I had a water table there.  Georgia is used to playing with it because it's hers, the other kids not so much.  To them, it was a big treat...hence a lot of diaper/pull up/panties/undies play going on here and they/I loved every second of it!  I'm not even kidding.  By the end of the party not one kid was clothed beyond covering their little bums.

Singing Happy Birthday was Georgia's favorite and she loved her cupcake!

I decided to throw caution to the wind and open the gifts at the party.  That is usually not my style but I embraced the 5 and below aged chaos and went with it.  My whole attitude this party was it wasn't about me or the adults but it's what Georgia wanted and what her little friends thought was fun.  And you know what, they had a blast!

Megan took a lot of the party pictures (on the left) and Jaclyn (on the right) was my right hand man lady the entire weekend!  They're the best!  Thanks college besties!  Not to mention my mom and step dad who were super laid back about having a bunch on kids running wild in their house and were super helpful when I passed out pre party.  No literally, I passed out...just a combination of a lot of things.  Skipping my thyroid meds twice because of a stomach bug just 2 days prior to this, over heated, overly tired, starving, and then I hit my elbow so hard on my step dad's truck it made me naseaus and that was enough to push me over the edge...I was out.  Thanks for the cold peas on my head mom :)

This was SUCH a fun party.  We had fun celebrating with friends and family!


Tami said...

Everything turned out SO cute!! I love all of the handmade touches. You are so creative!

Lyndsey said...

Very bright and cute! Backyards and toddlers is the perfect party combo!

Rachel and John said...

All the kids loved our backyard fun too at Henry's party. Loved all the decore! And your hand writing on blackboards is always so beautiful!

Melanie said...

Love it! Had been waiting to see what you did for her party!

Megan C said...

Had so much fun at the party!! I had no idea you passed out though, you seemed to be getting along really well once the party started!!

cait said...

How did this happen?! Swear I was just reading your post on her fabulous 1st birthday party!!! Loved it...all the flowers and bright colors were perfect! So pretty and fresh!

Callie Nicole said...

I love it! What a great theme, and everything turned out so great!


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