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June 4, 2013

Here are a few things Georgia has been wearing lately!
{I'm linking up HERE}

 Bow:  Canton, TX
Dress:  Potato Saks Clothing (hand me down from my SIL)
Shoes:  Saltwater sandals (Just Between Friends)

Bathrobe:  Matilda Jane (birthday gift from my SIL)

Bow:  WalMart
Jumper:  Crazy 8
Shoes:  Sun San Sandals (ebay)

Bow:  Kroger
Bow Clip:  Polka Dot Posies (buy here)
Shirt:  Left - Custom made (from a Goodwill shirt) Right - Target
Shorts:  Custom made from shorts originally from Target (also bleached to lighten them)
Shoes:  Saltwater Sandals (Just Between Friends)

And, just for good measure!  Here, she styled herself ;)


Jessica said...

Such cute little outfits! Those little shorties made from Target shorts are super cute - great idea!

Rachel and John said...

Oh my goodness! That bathrobe is amazing!!

cait said...

oh, love!! she rocks whatever she has on...goggles and all! beauty!

Shawna said...

Love the Crazy 8 romper! I keep debating whether I need that or not haha :-)

Tami said...

LOVE it all!

Ashleigh said...

Just stopped by from the link-up

She is so adorable, love the sunglasses! I keep hearing good things about the saltwater sandals, might have to get some.


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