Saying Goodbye

May 23, 2013

Since today is MOVING day I thought I would share a little note to our first home:

Dear first house in Porter Texas,

Don't have your feelings hurt by us moving and wanting to get of you so badly because remember for Jonathan and I it was love at first sight with you.  We bought you on the spot after our first viewing.

Thank you so much for four lovely years!

You welcomed us after only 9 months of marriage as first time home owners.

I first fell in love with your pretty white stone and double windows.  We enjoyed your spacious entryway and hallways.  Your tiny hall bath and pretty gray office/spare bedroom.  We made good use of your large pantry and smallish laundry room.  We were spoiled by your large, beautiful kitchen with under mount sink and lights.  So easy to cook large meals in there with such a great island!  We had family meals every night at our dining table in your cozy dining room where we could see into our tiny backyard that had a large wooded view.  We used your master suite as a retreat from work life and parenting joys and struggles.

Welcoming Georgia brought new joy.  Your bright blue living room was witness to nearly all her firsts.  First time rolling over, sitting up, crawling, talking, walking, and even her first bite of rice cereal and banana, and her first gulp of water!  Your lovely yellow, white, and pink nursery was Georgia's home for two years and kept her safe (and sleepy)!  We've spent countless hours in their rocking her, scrubbing the carpet after she's been sick, changing dirty diapers, having dance parties, and reading who knows how many books.  You've been so good to her and she's explored every single one of your nooks and crannies.  I'd be lying if I said I wasn't sad about not walking through the same door we walked her through for the first time and not sitting in your living room to watch her play just like I have for the past two years.

Your large open spaces have been the home to one engagement party, a baby shower, a handful of family Thanksgivings as well as a few family Christmas celebrations.  You welcomed our friends time and time again  for Sunday Supper club and our friends from out of town.

You let me paint you and decorate you.  Plant trees and flowers around you.  You kept the lights on during thunder storms, kept the heat on during the cold months and the heat out for what is most of the year here.  You kept Georgia and I safe all of Jonathan's late nights coaching, his weekends away for work, and working late as an AP.

We've loved every single bit of your 1,930 square feet for the past four years but now it's time to move on.  Not because we don't like you but we're moving on to a new area and while we're excited to go we're sad to leave you behind.  Goodbye sweet first house.  We love you!

Here is a short video tour I made so we can remember our first time owning a home.  We've had so much fun here and it holds so many great memories and firsts.  The video is shaky, and I sound loud, and I move too fast but you'll get the idea.


Lyndsey said...

Oh, this makes me sad! I'm no good with change :(

Hope y'all get settled quickly!

Pamela said...

Awww what a bittersweet time!!

Tami said...

It's amazing how many memories one little house can hold! Now it's on to the next house and all of the fun adventures that wait!

Elizabeth said...

How bittersweet! You will make many more memories and many more firsts in your next house too.

Brenna Boyd said...

We just moved out of our first house we lived in as a married couple and brought our baby home to so I know its totally bitter sweet.
BTW your voice totally sounds like Taylor Swift to me lol


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