Potty Training

May 24, 2013

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I originally posted about potty training Georgia HERE

Some kids potty train quickly and others do not.  I think a lot depends on their gender, their readiness, and their age.

We started potty training at 20 months and Georgia was 2 on May 17th and we're still no where close to being fully potty trained.  But, I'm not rushing it.  I'm not pressuring her.  I know that when she is ready, she's ready.  It just isn't a big deal to me.

Normally, she does VERY well pre nap.  She can hold it for over 2 hours.  Post nap, it's a different story.  The other day I went to put her on the potty and she told me, "No tee tees.  Tee tee on carpet."  And sure enough...she was right.  Big puddle in the living room.  Which to me, is just funny really.  At least she's honest :)

Occasionally she'll tell me she needs to go and most of the time if you ask her if she needs to go she'll say no but if you put her on the potty she'll go.  Also, she poops on the potty every day before nap and sometimes after dinner.  The only time she'll poop in her diaper is if she is asleep.

Typically, I take her into the restroom first thing in the morning and every 30 minutes after that.  Every time I ask her if she needs to go.  When she goes she then wipes, gets some candy, and then flushes.  We go right after lunch and then before nap.  Then, again right after nap and continue on our 30 minute schedule until bed time.  We also go right after dinner and right before bed.

At home we only use panties.  (The thick Gerber kind from WalMart) but for church or errands we use Pull Ups Learning Designs. (I think the Learning Designs are good for older kids but a bit over Georgia's head. A design fades when it gets wet.)  Georgia knows they are in between a diaper and panties...we talked about it.  And she LOVES that they have princesses and Minnie Mouse on them!  Two of her favs!  And, as a parent I really like the Pull Ups Wipes.  (Pull Ups kindly sent us several boxes of Pull Ups and Cinderalla wipes.)

Princess Learning Design Pull Up

They also have several ways to help kids along in the process of learning to go potty.

Why reinvent the wheel?  Use all the resources you can and figure out what works for you!  Make it fun and make it a big deal when they are successful.  We discuss her accidents but she NEVER gets in trouble for them.  It just happens!

Anyone else have any helpful tips?

Thank yo SO MUCH Pull Ups for supporting our Potty Training efforts.


Natalie said...

Potty training frightens me! Callyn doesn't have a ton of interest yet so I want to wait until she at least kind of does. We did recently buy her a Dora potty that she thinks is cool and sat on it a few times, but now I think she mostly thinks its a toy since she hasn't gone on it yet ;)

Tami said...

I just bought some of those Gerber training pants and I think they look so cute one! I haven't really started consistently putting E on the potty throughout the day but I know I need to. It's a lot of work!

Melanie said...

Hoping to get back on the 'potty bandwagon' soon! Makayla completely STOPPED probably a month ago and I admit..I've gotten lazy myself. Its easy to do. But..its like you said..you can't rush them..they are ready when they are..and use all the resources you can find!!!


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